One small truth about getting in perfect shape and my fitness progress.

Hey, I’m here again. 🙂 When I created this blog, I could never imagine that it will have so many followers. You are 97 already! Thanks, you’re the best.

So today I am gonna talk about fitness and getting in perfect shape, and also my fitness progress a bit, too. Sorry that it’s not big post but whatever, I’m posting and trying to not let you down.

Almost every day magazines, blogs and websites we see titles like: “How to get your summer body fast”, “How to get get fit for summer” and other pretty similar ones. But you know what? If you’re the one, who wants to get in shape for summer, I’m almost sure that you will fail. Why? Because you’ve been fat or out of shape for all other seasons and probably even many years if not your whole life. What you will do? Get fat in autumn, winter and when spring comes, try to get fit for summer fast? The truth is that it won’t work. You will just feel bad about your shape, not get any results or they won’t last long. If you’re still asking: “Why?”, my answer is: “Because you don’t need to get in shape for summer but for the rest of your life.”

And how’s my progress right now? Here it is. I’m working already 14 months without big breaks. There are days when I feel too sad or too tired but I still don’t stop. I’m happy that I’m having better body than ever. After work out I’m always happy that I didn’t skip that day and my body is getting more and more beutiful.





So, that’s me and my progress. Why I am posting this in here? To motivate you to work with your body and be in your best shape and live healthy. It’s sad that so many teenage girls decide to starve themselves and not work out insted of eating enough, healthy and working out. I still weigh about 60 kg BUT I’m happy. And remember that they’re not kg’s that matter but your girth, how many cm’s you have on your waist, hips and etc.

Here’s a little, fresh motivational playlist for your workouts! 🙂


That’s all for now. 😉


xoxo, Porcelain Doll.


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