God’s not dead

Hey, my dear followers! 🙂 For me it already feels like I haven’t been posting about month but of course, it’s not like that. So last night I found great topic to write about.

Since I was born, I’ve always been a Christian. Technically. My parents are Christians, too but we’re not that family, who goes to church every Sunday and prays all the time. Dad never does it but mum… sometimes she’s praying a lot but it happens rarely. And me… I’ve always prayed only then, when I lost my hope because somehow I didn’t see a need to pray more often. So I am a Christian but I rarely acted like one and now I’m ashamed of it.

There are many things in this world that shakes our believing in God very much. In 21st century to be a Christian maybe didn’t count as something cool because, for example, most of teenagers don’t believe in God. And I can answer to your question, why they don’t believe in God. When we, those who were raised as Christians, we believed in God, someone more, someone less but we did because our parents said that God exists and he’ll always hear us. So we prayed, when we had hard times and we felt hopeless. As long as God helped to ease our suffering, we believed. But then came one moment when we asked for something, for example, we asked to God: “Please, help my grandmother feel better and don’t let her die yet.” But God said no and she died. And then we stopped believing because we thought that no one listens and no one cares. That’s what we thought because we didn’t hear that he said no.

People always ask: “If God exists, why he let’s exist evil and all the bad things?” And the answer is – he let’s the evil exist because one day those, who truly love him, will be freed from suffering and evil. He probably let’s us to suffer because after it, there will be something better for us.

For a long time I didn’t understand these things and I thought that believing in God is just something that old women do. I thought that God’s like a big judge and everytime we do something wrong, he will let us suffer. But that’s wrong and now I understand it. I never red a bible, maybe I know just fragments of it but still I’m a Christian and it doesn’t ruin my believing in God.

Last night I watched a movie “God’s not dead”.  Before watching it, I had many questions about believing in God but after watching it I had none. I understood every single thing. I just was watching this movie and crying almost all the time. Everything that I saw and that I heard, touched my heart so much. No other movie made me think so much and cry so much. And in some way, now I feel like born again – happy and much stronger than I was.

I don’t care, if you believe in God,  do it a little bit or don’t believe in God at all – just watch this movie. It will change your way of thinking. It’s brilliant and I think, it could change many people minds to better. World won’t end as long as there will be religion in it.

You can find movie in the internet online but I downloaded through u-torrent. I downloaded movie file in here http://yts.re.prx2.unblocksit.es/movie/Gods_Not_Dead_2014_1080p and then opened it through u-torrent to download it.

Watch it and you won’t regret it. 🙂

So… I believe in God. But what about you? 🙂

xoxo, Porcelain Doll.


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