From simple teenage girl to all girls and women in this world.

Hey, my dear people, I’m here again! 🙂 Today I feel pretty inspired and great, and I’m here because I really don’t want to let you down again with not posting here. It means much to me that I see you in here, reading my posts, liking them and following me. It mades my day. I feel happy to express myself in here and see that you agree with me.

So today I’m just gonna talk about… us, women. You may ask: “What’s here to talk about them?” And I can say that I just have few more words to say about women and about being one of them. I just want to remind you one thing. This post isn’t sexistic and I’m not trying to say that women are better than men or opposite. I stand up for equality. Most of men can think that “pff, what there? It’s much easier to be a woman than a man”. But… actually being women isn’t really easy. And I’m not talking only about periods and pregnancy. We all know that’s serious but people already talked about that enough. Now I’m gonna talk about emotional pressure to women.

It’s 21st century and the hardest questions to answer is: “Who is perfect woman? How perfect woman acts? How she looks?” On TV and all media we can see celebrities – seemingly perfect creatures with perfect breast size, no acne, long legs and great hair. Thinking that they are completely happy and their lives are perfect, we only fool ourselves. I don’t know, how it works in our thoughts but somehow we tell ourselves that they are perfect women and that we should be just like them. That’s first thing what breaks us and it depends only of us – we tell ourselves that we are terrible looking and they are perfect. And it makes us feel bad because we won’t look like them. We are first ones, who make ourselves bad because we tell ourselves those lies about perfect woman image. Stop that. Hating yourself is completely unacceptable. You need to love yourself. And by telling that you need to love yourself, I don’t mean, for example, if you weigh more than you should, just keep living and gaining more fat. No. Don’t be afraid to change something that you don’t like in yourself BUT don’t hate yourself because you don’t have nice abs (yet!) or your skin isn’t perfect. Love yourself and change something at the same time.

We really should throw away stupid stereotypes about perfect women and love our bodies. Seriously! You’re not happy with your small breasts? Oh, some women don’t have breasts at all! And, talking about breasts, look at Aubrey Plaza for example! Yeah, the girl from movie “The to do list”. Does she have big breasts? No! Does she look gorgeous? Absolutely yes! Same goes with Selena Gomez and hottie from “Clueless” – Alicia Silverstone!

One more example. You’re looking through all those stupid fashion magazines and moaning that you don’t have a tigh gap like those models and you will never have one. Stop it! Beautiful Scarlett Johansson, Katy Perry and Jennifer Lopez aren’t having one, too! Does it stop them from looking hot! No! Anorexic models aren’t beautiful, they’re just sick. You don’t need to look unhealthy like they do.

So here you are. Celebrieties aren’t as skinny as you think. Most of them look like normal women. Don’t ever open fashion magazines, don’t wish for tigh gap or breasts like Angelina Jollie has! You are beautiful just being, who you are. But if you don’t have, for example, perfect abs – create them! It’s not that hard to make your body look at it’s best!


That’s all for now. Writing this made even me feel better because, believe me, I’m not having big breasts and tigh gap, too. And we don’t need those things, right? We still can rock the world!


xoxo, Porcelain Doll.


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