List of things that make me happy <3

Hey. Sorry, people, for not being here such a long time. You have all rights to throw rocks at me because I’m guilty for not posting so long. 😉 But here I am again and I don’t want my blog to go dead like it happened with other ones, especally because this one is much more successful. 😉

So here’s just simple things that make me happy. Nothing much but… I wanted to share. 🙂

  • rainy days

  • smell of cut grass
  • smell of coffee
  • sea

  • smell of new paper and ink on it
  • tea, coffee or cacao in bed

  • watching TV series in bed, for example “New girl”, “The finder” or “Castle”
  • drinking my favourite soda slowly


  • chat with my best friend
  • chat with my girlfriends
  • relaxing music
  • parties until the morning

  • riding a bike

  • painting my nails
  • warm shower
  • playing the piano
  • doodling
  • watching nice movies: Silver linings playbook, Plush, It’s kind of a funny story, 500 days of Summer…
  • cats. I love cats, ignoring the fact that I am alergic to them.

  • dancing. I’m a bad dancer (or at least I think I am) but that doesn’t stop me from dancing wil to music that I love.

  • writing poetry and stories or essays. The best way to express myself EVER.

  • going make-up shopping. (Every girl needs classic red lipstick, who gives you killer look!)

  • going clothes & shoes shopping. (Shopping is one of the best therapies for me ever.)
  • pizza! Not the healthiest thing ever but it’s one of the world’s tastiest foods, don’t you agree?

  • watching videos of famous youtubers like Jenna Marbles, SuperWoman and Motoki Maxtead.
  • blogging!
  • running!
  • working out

  • taking selfies

  • sleeping (everybody loves that, agree)

  • hosting web cam chat rooms on
  • traveling
  • taking photos

  • trying new foods
  • eating sushi

  • laughing about silly jokes
  • dancing until the morning


That’s all for now. 🙂 Have a nice day and I will really try to post something better next time. 🙂


xoxo, Porcelain Doll.


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