Few more words about writing inspiration and writing in general.

Hey, my dear followers and readers, I’m back again! 🙂 Such a sunny day but I’m here again, writing something for you all to read and expressing myself. So today I’m gonna talk about writing inspiration and about writing in general, too.


Have you even had that feeling that you really like to write but you never really opened yourself for it? Maybe some of you know what I meant with this question. There is people in this world, who like to write, who has something to say but they just can’t suceed. They most of the time are out of inspiration and are having writer’s block. (Believe me, writer’s block is one of the scarriest thing for a writer. They just suck and they are like some kind of illness that you can’t get away from so fast.) They want to write and they like to write but… nothing just comes out. Feel me? So, already few days ago, I was one of those people. I knew that I love to write, I knew that I can do it very well and all that but I just… wasn’t completely opened for it. Maybe I wasn’t ready to work hard for it and was just lazy or maybe there’s some other reason that I don’t know. Whatever. For now it doesn’t matter.


The thing that matters now is that I finally set myself and my thoughts free. It hard to explain it but I’m gonna try whatever. So two days ago I woke up at 5 a.m. because of terrible stomatch pain. (Period, blah, haha. But it doesn’t mattter. 😛 ) So I just made some tea, drink pain-killers and turned on pc. Like always when I’m bored, I went to omegle and searched for someone interesting to chat with. After some time of trying I found one man, who’s interested in writing and he’s a writer. Probably he was one of the weirdest people you can meet online because he haven’t told me his age and other things about her. He just told his name (that I forgot) and location – it was in England, I think. Later he just started talking about new novel that he’s writing now. How he wrote first four chapters, then deleted them. Then wrote again it to be perfect. He wanted it to be mind blowing, the one that makes you cry and really think about what are you reading. All that time he was just writing about his novel and all I could do is read it. I thought that he’s weird and kinda crazy but things that he wrote made me think and I flew like to a different world. The world of writers, real writers that could seem to everyone else crazy but they’re just… obsessed with telling stories and creating. Writing to them is like air to every living creature. They can’t liv without it. After telling about his novel, he started writing about people. How he’s tired of people hurting him, how he wants to be alone, no one’s noticed, how he wants to enjoy the silence but people keep ruining it. And I just red all that and was fascinated and kinda like hypnotised. I thought that some parts of what he’s telling matches with my own thoughts. I hate to be in noisy place with loud and boring people around me. I love to be alone and sometimes I don’t want anyone to notice me but they keep ruining these moments.


Did you understand, what I was trying to tell you by telling about this writer, about what he told to me?I hope you did. It was very hard to explain and retell all this to you. I couldn’t keep not even a half of fascination that he had. After thinking all what he said, I just sat to my table and started to write. It was just the begging and nothing much but I did it with passion. And in the same day’s evening the idea of great story was finally born in my mind. It was unique, probably breath taking and it needed to be the one who makes you cry. This man somehow inspired me so much that I finally opened myself. Now I’m writing everyday because for now I just cannot stop. I have idea that needs to become to a story. 🙂

And one more question: Have you ever wrote something, then red in it and felt like you want to cry?I had that feeling at least once in my life. I expressed myself, put all my thoughts on a paper, then red all that… And I felt like crying because I felt that I did the best in that moment I could. That moment was probably first and only moment when I wanted to cry from happiness in my life. I always thought that being happy and crying is just silly but now I know how it feels. Right now, while writing this post, I almost started crying again. Only people, who love to writes as much as I do, can understand my feelings right now. 🙂


Also those two days ago I found free e-book that really can help everyone, who writes no matter how long he does it and how good he is at it. Just download and read it. It’s really helpful and I should tell big thanks to amazing author of this book. Does he even know how much he helped young writers and all those who just started? 🙂

Here’s the link: http://writetodone.com/wtd-books/

Download it, read it and I promise that you won’t regret it. 🙂

P.S. Here’s one of songs that inspires me while writing. 🙂 This new band has amazing songs.


xoxo, your passionate writer Porcelain Doll.



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