My thoughts about… homosexual and bisexual people.

Hello! Weird thing is that I relized, I haven’t posted here for some time and… I wanted to post one more “update” about this day. But then I relized – who care’s about that I went swimming on Monday and all stuff? I could better talk about one of my favourite topics of all time and it’s about homosexuals and bisexuals. 

Some people may say: “What’s there to talk about? Homosexuals are bad and sick people and bisexuals aren’t much better, too.”But you know what? I’m not gonna be one of these people who are against people with different sexual orientation. Why their sexual orientation matters that much to you? You’re not a family member, not even a friend or someone they fell in love with. Then why you should judge them?

The topic about gay rights always been the one I could discuss with my mother the most.I just couldn’t understand why she was so against it. She always says that it’s sick to have sex with someone who’s not from the opposite sex. But I’m still thinking… why. Only minus in the same sex relationship is that you can’t have your own children. And that’s the only thing that’s bad about it. But about sexual life… You think that woman can pleasure other woman or man can’t pleasure other man enough? Or what? And that’s a bit weird minus of not having children is a pluss somehow, too. Of course, only for women but still you can have sex and not worry about getting pregnant when you don’t need that. But umm, okay, that’s not the point.

I haven’t always been the one who supports gay and bisexual rights.For a while I didn’t knew that people like this even exist. But when I realized that they really exist, what they are and what they do, my reaction still was neutral. When my thoughts changed? When I became Little Monster. It’s not only about people with different sexual orientation. What GaGa tried to told everyone that we all are equal, we all are special no matter our sexual orientation, skin colour or something else. Feel me?

It’s a fact that we all deserve love no matter what.We all can feel love, no matter we’re bisexuals, heterosexuals or homosexuals. We’re still the same. We should love and support each other not judge and bring down. Sorry for so messed up and short post but I’ve got mess in my mind. 😉

Somehow I just clicked on this music video that I heard and seen already two years ago and remembered about all this gay rights stuff.What can I say? Be good to people around you and support them. 🙂


xoxo, I love you all no matter what, Porcelain Doll.


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