Few words about my passion for writing and blogging

Hey. Back again… 😉











I wasn’t writing any posts because I wasn’t sure that there is people who even read them. Stupid, I know. So many people started their own blogs because they had bright ideas and they wanted to share their ideas with the world but stopped posting in them because realized that no one is really interested in what they think. And my blog is probably gonna be one of them soon. I can’t promise you regular posts but I can promise you to write with all my sould, with everything that I have because, as you know, writing for now is my biggest passion.

When I was little and went in 2nd or 3rd grade, I never thought that one day I will love writing. All essay writing for school mum always helped me. She told me what to write or write it by herself and then I just wrote a bit edited version of essay in my notebook. I didn’t like to write back then at all. Topics were pretty childish and I just didn’t know why I should write some silly fairytale about flowers or something like that. Main thing what I want in writing, is to express myself and share my thoughts with world. If I can’t say what I think at all, it starts to bore me.

Later topics got more interesting but that’s not only thing why I finally started to love writing. I learned how make something good even from worst and the most boring topic ever. Kind of I learned how to make gold from shit. People who think essay topics for students aren’t creative mostly at all. At least before secondary school and high school. What am I trying to say? Don’t growl because you don’t like the topic. Make from it the best eassay or poetry work of whatever you’re writing. And when you don’t care about topic that much anymore, it’s a sign that you’re one step closer to being a good writer.

I know that I won’t become a good writer in one day, week, month or even a year. I need to practice more, more and more. I will make mistakes but I will learn from them. And that’s how I will become a good writer. In this world still are people who say: “You’re horrible at writing. This story just sucks. You should never write again.” Saddest thing is that some people who write really believe them. They put pen and paper deep in drawer and never take touch them again. They give all they dreams and hopes away just because one or few stupid, dumb people, who never archieved something in their lives, said so. Don’t join “I think, I’m a shitty writer, who has no tallent and I’m never gonna write again.” club. Just don’t. Maybe right now a dream about being real writer, who’s works are sold and popular in whole world or at least country, looks impossible but don’t give up.  I don’t really remember, where I heard that quote but here it is: “To win the race, you gotta be in the race.”

If you are donna stop right now, you will never reach your goal. That’s the thing you need to remember no matter what you do. Is it about writing, fitness, cooking, drawing, it doesn’t matter. It’s just one of live’s main moto’s.

And if we’re talking about blogging right now… I don’t know, what I am gonna do with this blog but still, I’m not sure that I want to give up because dollshavehearts.wordpress.com is still the most succesful blog I ever had. I don’t think, I can make other blog that would have so many followers and that I would love so much. Yes, I really love my blog. I’m really sorry that there are posts that you, readers and followers, are not interested in. I will really try to change that and write about topics you like. If you have any ideas about this blog, comment down there or in any other post. I will be just thankful for it. Just like every other thing that people do, blogging needs practice, too. You can’t make succesful blog that people will love in one day, week or month.

What I’m going to change in this blog:

  • Theme and design. I will change it as long as I will not find the one, who will fit to this blog the most.
  • Add a playlist. This is just maybe. But I think that playlist will make this blog brighter and more interesting for readers.
  • Post topics. I’m gonna rethink about what to post in here. Something that I’m writing about, bores you all. I’m not gonna post about it anymore and delete posts that no one likes.

I’m also thinking about creating a profile for this blog in ask.fm or/and twitter or/and facebook. So wait for it soon.

xoxo, Porcelain Doll.


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