This day’s update and golden exercises: try ’em & love ’em

Hey. I’m back again. Having almost no friends to go out with and chat with totally sucks but that’s why I’m here more than usual. Feeling so lonely and tired. Today’s third day with no cutting. Decided to stop that shitty thing forever.  And my parents will help me, so yeah… I love them for that. ❤ Two days ago my best guy friend said that maybe (just maybe!) he will go to that festival Positivus, too. And if he’s going, I am going and my mum will let me, that I could go with him and his friends. So yeah, if only we could, that would be so f*cking awesome. 🙂 🙂

But okay, enough about me. I wanted to create this post about exercises that I love and that really are effective. Let’s start!

  1. Crunches.I bet almost all people who are getting into shape, who are fitness addicts all that knows this one. It’s not hard to do this at all and it really helps. I’m not saying that you will have perfect abs by doing just this one but it’s good and it really works. Right now doing this 210 times every day but I started with 30 times or so. ;)
  2. Wall squats. Amazing exercise! I just love it. Nothing much to explain. Just keep in mind – at first doing this is hard. When I started this, I barely could do this for 15 secs and even then my legs was hurting so much that I could scream. But keep doing and everything will be okay. Right now doing this 1 minute, two reps every day.

So… That’s all. 😀 Sorry, I have only two favourite exercises. 😉

xoxo, Porcelain Doll.




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