My crushes and relationship status…

Hey.  🙂 I haven’t been for a while because I really didn’t have a time to write and topics, too. But I was just thinking and somehow my best friend, not knowing it, gave me a good topic about what to write. Love. How cliche – you’ll probably say. But no. I’m not gonna talk how beautiful love is, that I found a boyfriend or something.









First thing is a total confession – I’m crushing on a guy who’s my best friend’s “just a friend”. That guy is at the same age as I and my bff are.  (And I should mantion that I’ve never ever had a crush in my life on a guy who is in the same age. NEVER.  :o)He likes her but she doesn’t like him like that and then there’s me. Her best friend who first met him just last Friday, huh. So yeah, two days in a row we three were just going out together like friends – walking somewhere around, talking and laughing. 🙂

When my bff said that they’re already near my house and I need to come out to walk with them, I thought that he will be not very pretty, funny and cool. 😉 Gosh, I was so damn wrong! It’s not like he’s my type or something but if I should vote him in a scale from 1 to 10, I would totally put him 7 at least. I don’t know, is it because he has so blue eyes or because he’s very, very similar to me in personality or someting or because of some other reason. But – BAM! – I like him. First I was like – oh yeah, he’s nice and we totally will be good friends. But then – shit, I just thought that he is cute. 😮

The only reason why I’m not trying to flirt with him or something is because he likes my best friend. How could I do something with a guy who likes my bff? It just seems wrong for me. She said that she really don’t want relationship with him, just be friends but still. I know that he thinks that we both are pretty, cool and all that but my friend knows him for 3 years but I – only 4 days. That’s… weird. So I have some weird thoughts about him messing in my head and not letting me think normally.

Besides… I have another damn big crush on a guy who is 6 and a half years older than me. I don’t remember, said it before or not, but we’ve beeen chatting for 5 months but never met. And that’s very weird, too because I never had a crush on a guy that I’ve never met.

But when everything comes to love… Like my friend said, we are pretty, young but naive. We can’t even realize when some guy really likes us but when wants just sex. That really sucks. And the worst thing is – we still fall… Wait, no, my friend was never been in love. Okay, let’s rephrase it like this – the worst thing is that I still fall in love and when I fall, I do it hard. Til this, the only one who felt bad because of it was I not some dude. -_- What can I say? One day I will learn how to be smart and no fall in love with some player but for now… I’m still falling and getting up over and over again. I guess I just have to learn from my own mistakes. Every situation with a guy is still original and someone just can’t say to you: “Oh, when I was in your age, I fell in love with a dude but he broke my heart. Believe me, that guy you’re dating is such a player. The same thing will happen to you, too.” No. Stop. Just stop. You can gues but not know it 100%. Never. Just don’t fall for looks. Keep your eyes opened and don’t ignore his personality. 🙂

That’s all for now. 🙂

xoxo, Porcelain Doll.



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