Definition and thoughts of real musicans.

Hey. 😉 Fells like I haven’t write a thing in here for ages. So here I am, back again. 🙂

Haven’t you ever realized that in this world are tons of popular musicans but many of them just suck? They make big shows, wear chic clothes and wear tons of make up. But when it comes to music… it just sucks. You’ve never heard worst and more meaningless lyrics than you hear listening to those “big” stars, who everyone loves. They can’t even sing clearly. How the hell did they became popular? Yep, that’s all about showbussiness. 😉  So.. let’s think. Who could be those popular but non-tallented musicans? Okay, we could name LMFAO,  Justin Bieber… :O

Does these lyrics even make sense to you? Music should be written more about pain, sadness, happiness, friendship.. Not just about sex, parties, money… -_-

Oh no no, oh no no
She’s confident
Oh no no, oh no no
And I’m down with it

/Justin Bieber – Confidient/
And look at the picture – does real musican would do it something like that? Of course, the answer is no.
I don’t give a fuck when I’m in the club, sippin bub, really drunk, and I see a fat booty
Gotta have it I’ma grab it, it’s a habit automatic like uzi, who’s he with the sick flow
Make a chick go crazy and flash them ta-ta’s it’s redfoo the dude a true party rockaaaah…
/LMFAO – Sorry for party rocking/
Just think about it. Most of people love lyrics like this and all that but… this music actually sucks. It’s made for making money and that’s all. I’m just trying to tell that people should support more real musicans and less trash-musicans. Get me? 😉
Now you probably feel like asking me: “Then what is a real musican then? How can I know that it’s really good music not some track, made for earning money?”
I can’t explain that very concrete. You mostly feel it with your heart. And, of course, lyrics makes sense, what musican is singing about, melody and rhythm isn’t mechanic and boring and musican expresses his/her emotions not only in grimaces and moves but in music, too. When musican really feels music, you can feel it as well. Understand me? 🙂
I can give Lorde as an example what real musican is. See how she feels her music? ❤ 🙂


Yeah, many people think that she’s weird but I say that she’s very, very tallented. Somehow I see myself in her. She’s young musican and tallented and she feel music like most of people never will. ❤


Sorry, Beliebers, Justin lost his unqueness and tallent long time ago. So yeah, what can I say? Just think about what you listen. Your head and mind isn’t a trash can so don’t put shit in it. 😉


xoxo, Porcelain Doll.


2 thoughts on “Definition and thoughts of real musicans.

  1. Vinny says:

    So Bieber actually isn’t the greatest artist of all time? I’m shocked lol jk Awesome post though agreed with everything you had to say!

    • porcelainblackdoll says:

      Thanks. 🙂 Duh, he really isn’t. 😉 Only “As long as you love me” was actually okay but all other songs just sucked. 😉 His career is all about look showing not writing and performing really good music. 😉

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