I am… a writer?

I don’t know when I start thinking that it could be cool to be a writer. Probably when I was nine years old or so. I thought that it’s amazing that you can share your thoughts and fantasies, and everything else you want to say with people. And people who write are happy because they can express themselves and readers are happy because they can read it. 🙂

I was probably about 11 years old when I started to write something because I wanted to, not just because I needed something to write for school. Actually, I was always very well at essay writing. I never had problems with it and I never got grades lower than 7.  I got 9 or 10 mostly. When I was little, I didn’t like to write at all. I always thought that topics what about we needed to write about at school were pretty dope and dry. I couldn’t tell what I had inside with these topics. But whatever, I needed to write so I did.  😉

And then was this “click” when I found some sites and forums or something where teens shared their writing. I started to read… In that moment I thought that their stories aren’t very good (most of them) but I still continued to read them and read what people were saying about these stories. People loved them. And then I thought… how about if I try to write something? It couldn’t be that hard or at least not impossible, right? I started to publish my writings. 😉 Of course few years later when I red them, I thought that they totally sucked and were pretty dumb and childish but in that moment people even liked my stories. 😮 They said that I was good at writing. 😮 🙂

No matter what, I still continued writing for my joy and when we had essays at school, I was happy. I liked to write more and more. And then I found a site in the internet. Wattpad.com, that’s how it was called. I discovered whole big world where everyone who wanted, could write their own poetry, dramas, romantic stories and whatever they wanted. They also could read, vote and comment on other’s stories! I was obsessed with this site. When I first created my profile there, I had only few reads on my stories and almost no votes, and no followers at all. I was zero in there. I gave up and deleted my profile. Later I created new and started again. I started to follow people, read, vote, comment on their stories and write more by myself. And now I have 2,299 reads and 50 votes on my first story “Little bad girl”. It wasn’t the best of my works and I had writers block many times but somehow I finished it. I’m not gonna give up and I’m still trying to write better and better. 🙂

Yesterday I had new idea. Few days ago I sent an essay to some contest. There was topic about addictions – alcochol, smoking and all that. I don’t think I have chances to win something but I don’t care. Whatever, it’s only my first time that I sent something to a contest. I never thought that I should participate in them. But now I changed my mind. I wanted to be a writer but what I did to be known to people? No a lot. I will participate in more contests and not gonna give up.:)

I’m creative and I love to express myself.  Now I have that period when my head, my brain is giving a birth to more and more new ideas, haha. 😀 I can’t even write down all of them but I’m happy that I have them. I’m thankful for my creative mind. I love to share my opinion with people. That’s why I’m here, blogging and sharing my thoughts with you. 🙂 You can’t even imagine how much it means to me that you want to read what I wrote and that you like it. I love you all. ❤ 😉

And just think about these things:

  • What writing means to you?
  • What you did to get more known and succesfull?
  • Have you ever gave up on writing?

And now you, yes you, go and write something even if it sucks, like picture says. 🙂 😛 If you won’t do anything to be a writer, you will never be one.

P.S. Find me on wattpad –  porcelain_black_doll

xoxo, Porcelain Doll.



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