It’s okay, if you… (mostly girl version)

Hehey. 😀 Just wanted to have fun so I made this list. It’s okay, if you…

  • hate Justin Bieber. 😀
  • hate to wear dresses and skirts. 😉
  • have different sexual orientation (you like girls or girls and boys). 😉
  • have a huge crush on Channing Tatum. I bet all women have. 😀
  • hate most of the boys cause they’re dumb.
  • don’t wear much make-up or don’t wear it at all.
  • hate romantic movies.
  • laugh during watching horrors.
  • like One Direction. It doesn’t mean that you’re always little, childish girl if you listen to them. They are damn great! 😛
  • are tumblr maniac.
  • still play Stardoll or something like that. Isn’t it cool to create something like your perfect you?
  • prefer sneakers not high heels.
  • think that burping is funny. (Remember burping competitions in first grades? 😀 )
  • hate that guys wear their pants like boxers are showing.
  • are single because you are not crushing on anyone.
  • have more friends who are guys than girls.
  • love to sing but you suck at it.
  • ever had a crush on guy who is like 6-10 years or even more older than you.
  • aren’t having A’s in every lesson. We all can suck at something.
  • don’t party every weekend. Even better for you.


Okay, that’s all for now. 😉 Maybe I should make guy version, too? 🙂


xoxo, Porcelain Doll.


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