#Boyfriend tag

Hey! 🙂 I’m feeling like I’ve been away for too long time so here I am, writing new post for you all. A post about boyfriends. 😛 😀

No, no, I’m still single if you thought that I’d be with someone together. Actually it’s very funny – me, a girl who doesn’t put much make-up on, doesn’t spread rumors about others and isn’t a bitch (mostly), still doesn’t have a boyfriend! It’s not like I’m desperatly searching for someone, it’s just… weird, right? Girls who are total opposites of me shouldn’t have boyfriends. How even men can stand them?

Imagine this: there is a boy, he is actually nice guy, attractive, funny and all that. And then there is girl who is his girlfriend, girl who likes to talk shit about others, act like she’s much better than others and act like she’s the queen of everything. And the worst thing is that this girl treats her boyfriend like a dog or something. Pass me that, give me that… And then she’s mad because he looked at her “in the wrong way” or replied wrong to something that she said. And then girl turns into Drama Queen and guy doesn’t understand what happened and begs this bitch (sorry) to stay. Like – who the hell does that? And bitch says that it’s over, she even doesn’t want to talk about it and all that. I don’t know, what you think about it but I think it’s pretty shitty.

Boys, of course, aren’t some kind of angelic creatures but… if you are in a relationship with him, just be nice. Don’t be a Drama Queen. I think, normal guy would just hate drama and leave girl who’s always making it. Be nice, make him smile, no drama and… that’s all, I think. I just wanted to say that drama in relationships is a big NO. If I’d be a guy, I’d hate it. And… it’s not always about girls only. There are guy who are too dramatic, too. Just stop it, okay? No one, no girl and no boy wants and Drama King or Drama Queen in a relationship.

You know why I am single? There is no nice boys in here. Really. I know two guys that I like but they’re like 200 km aways from me and it sucks cause long distance relationships not always work. :-/ And… I hate that they don’t take me seriously and don’t look like that kind of guys who would like to be in a relationship. So I’ll just wait… for someone better, maybe? 😉 It’s totally no a tragedy to be fifteen and single. It is normal. I believe that there can’t be any serious relationships in this age. 😉

My type of perfect guy who I’d like to be my boyfriend? Okay, just for fun, here’s a list, how he should act and look.

  • blue eyes (I totally fall for guys with blue eyes and can do nothing about it, haha. 😀 )
  • tall
  • plays the guitar (It would be a big plus)
  • is a least 4 years older than me
  • likes similar music to me
  • likes the same movies (not all, probably but at least few)
  • is working out
  • can cheer me up, make me smile
  • loves me for who I am
  • loves children
  • loves animals


Okay, that’s probably all. 😉 I’m going to make some cocao and watch “The Nanny Diaries”. 🙂


xoxo, Porcelain Doll.


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