I hate Valentine’s day

Hey. Okay, don’t hate me just because I hate this day. 😛 Today I’m just sick seeing girls and guys with roses, chocolates and happy smiles plastered on their faces. Cause after many, many years my relationship status is…. it’s difficult. I don’t know what to think. Looks like we’re not together and at the same time we are. Distance relationships are especially difficult. You don’t know does that other one still likes you, does he even likes you, doesn’t he cheat on you and all that stuff.

I remember how already two years in Valentine’s day was the last time when we we walking around school with heart-shapped stickers on our cheeks. Then it was cute. It was tradition since 1st grade, I think. We were like little cupids. 😀 But now it’s gone. Everybody thinks that it’s stupid. Nobody celebrates this stupid heart – chocolate day like that. Every girl gets roses and all that… Okay, almost every girl. But I’m kinda jealous to those who get roses. I don’t even like roses that much, I just wanted attention. 😛 But whatever. I’m not gonna ruin your day. 😉

Today I’m totally like this. 😀

And few more pics for people who hates Valentine’s day and are single.















So, okay, happy Valentine’s day to all, no matter you love it or hate it like I do. Just like this post and follow. 😛 🙂


xoxo, Porcelain Doll.


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