What to don’t do when you’re with a girl

Hey. 🙂 I’m back, trying to make nice post for your entertainment. So… yesterday I was talking with my friends and she was telling me how terrible her ex is at kissing and yeah, pretty much everything else, too. So I decided to make a list of things that guys shouldn’t do because girls hate it. Let’s dive in! 😀

  • Too wet kisses. It feels like you’re kissing a dog not a guy. Gross!
  • Burping, farting… There are some guys who think that it’s cool but believe me, it’s not.
  • Being too jealous. “Who’s that guy? Why are you texting him? Why you went out with him?” When a guy is a bit jealous, it’s cute but when he’s too jealous, it’s so not cute.
  • “Send me a nude.” Dude, seriously? Don’t ask a girl to send a nude, even if you’re very, very into her. Just don’t.
  • Don’t champ too loud when you’re eating. You’re not a chimp.
  • Don’t say how much she reminds you of her ex or something like that. Just don’t.
  • Don’t talk with a girl about cars or something like that stuff. It’s not interesting to talk with you about something I know nothing about.
  • Don’t say: “When we will be already month together, can I sleep with you then?” And I’m not talking about sleeping but about sex. Girl can tell that you only want to bang her and then leave.
  • Don’t forget her birthday, names day, Valentines day and all that. Girls hate when guys forget those days.
  • Don’t say: “Oh, so you’re PMSing again? You’re on you’re period or what?” Don’t. You know  we hate those days and we don’t talk with guys about them. Get it?
  • Don’t talk about yourself 24/7 . Girl loves when you want to know more about her. But don’t ask questions like: “How many times you had sex? Are you a virgin?” and that stuff.


I think that’s all for now. These were probably the most important things, if you still don’t know. 😉


xoxo ,Porcelain Doll.


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