Mad teachers, teachers’ pets,why I hate math and The Princess Syndrome.

Okay, I’m finally back. 😉 Almost week I lived without a computer cause my parents were so pissed off that I was chatting for hours on Skype with one guy. Hehe. 😀 So yeah, today I’m gonna talk about school cause that’s always the topic that worries me the most. Like almost every student in this world, I hate school and now I’m gonna tell you why.

I’m not a student who hates every single lesson and every teacher just because I’m too lazy to study. Nope. This isn’t that situation. I just… hate people in there. Most of them aren’t even teachers. They’re students. Like I said in my post before, I hate Drama Queens and Cool Guys. But there are some more types of persons that I hate in school.

Let’s start with mad teachers. In our school there is one teacher of this type. A Math teacher. She is reason why I hate Math so much. This year is my exam year, cause I’m in 9th grade and this year she is super mad about Math. So here’s some things that I hate in those lessons:

  • We always take every theme so fast that before I can even understand what are we doing and talking about, we’re already taking the next theme. Like – bitch, wait, I’m little bit slower than Class Genius, can you explain this shit to me again so I can understand?
  • When I came to blackboard to write an example of some task, I sometimes make a mistake. And when she sees that, she just gets furious. When I make a one mistake, ONE, she thinks that I don’t understand the whole theme and that I’m too lazy to learn all this. Wrong. If I make a mistake, it’s normal, okay? I’m a human. I’m studying and I can make mistakes. If I make one mistake, that doesn’t mean that I don’t understand the whole theme.
  • She thinks that her subject is the most important. *sad sigh* Come on, I’ve got other exam subjects and non-exam subjects, too! Besides that, I need to get ready for exams to Musical middle school to get in there. I need to play the guitar at least 2 – 3 hours in a day (not in weekends when I usually play about 4 hours). How the f— Math can be for me in first place? *rolls eyes* It just can’t. I know, it is important to finish 9th grade but I can’t spend much time stundying Math.

So yeah, that’s how it is. And you know what else? I hate Teachers’ Pets. In our Grade there is one girl like that who almost every teacher loves and thinks that she’s the best. Actually, we can’t put here only in one category – Teachers’ Pet category – cause actually she’s one of the school’s Drama Queens. When she gets 7 (7 from 10!), she can mob about it many days after it and call teacher a bitch and all those words. I can’t call her a typical Teachers’ Pet cause she’s more like a Princess. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to be bitchy and bully her here in the Internet! 😮 So yeah, Princess.

My mum says that there are girls in this world who has something like called “The Princess Syndrome”. It’s not a diagnosis, of course but let me tell you more about it. Imagine a girl who always is trying to be the best and she really thinks that she is the best, better than everyone else and deserves a special treatment. Besides that, there are kind of suite of people who always says how smart, how beautiful she is and all that. Of course, she can be pretty and smart but when too many people and she her own is raising her ego, it just gets too big. And that’s how a simple, smart girl can turn into a Princess (in a bad way). When she believes that she is the best, she starts to put down everyone else cause she wants to be the best forever. Easiest way how to get enemies is to turn into a Princess.  Just don’t be that girl, don’t be a Princess. Be a lady. Help the people, don’t put them down and don’t think that you’re better than others are. We all are equal, we all special, we don’t need to compare ourselves with others and try to be the best. Beyourself, love who you are, love others and be a good person who makes this world better. 🙂












P.S. It really made my day when I saw that I’ve got 51 followers to my blog. 🙂 Thank you all! *tears of happiness in my eyes* . I love to share my thoughts to you and to made your day.


xoxo, Porcelain Doll.


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