School’s drama queens, “cool guys” and some stuff that I don’t understand about them

Hey, guys. Thanks for liking my last post. 🙂 Every like and every follow make me smile like a sunshine. 😀

So today I’m gonna talk about most annoying types of people in school. Of course, for us, normal people, they are “cool boys” and school’s drama queens. Both of them are equal annoying in my “annoying people scale” where they totally get 10 from 10. Congrats! (*note of sarcasm*)

So… “cool guys” are those walking packs of hormones who are trying to be super cool but actually they’re dumbest guys in whole school. They’re late for lessons because they go to smoke every break, they get drunk every Friday so much that they’re puking. Ugh. They’re not always very bad looking and that’s such a curse for us – normal, smart girls who don’t fall for douchebags EVER.

Yeah, I’m saying that because of my experience cause once I was obsessed with one of called “cool guys” for long enough time, to ruin him my life. From invisible I became to person who almost everyone of the cool croud hated. Don’t make my mistakes, stay away from “cool guys”.

Whatever, back to description of them. Worst thing isn’t smoking (somehow I can stand it) or drinking (that one I can’t stand) but I can stand that they bully everyone who is normal and hang out with Drama Queens.

Drama Queens are those weird creatures who can write a whole tragedy about only broken nail. Like, who the hell does that? Those phrases annoy me so, so much.

  • “OMG, I broke my nail! What I am gonna do now? Do you see how it looks? OMG.”
  • “My ex just texted me that he still loves me! But it’s have been like 3 months since we broke up. Why he is even writing me that? I have a boyfriend? (And all day she keeps talking about her ex. -_- )”
  • “I can’t understand this homework! I just can’t! “*someone tries to explain, without results* *Drama Queen starts a histery, starts yelling and crying and all that* (Who does that???)
  • “Oh, I think my ass looks fat in those jeans. Do you think like that, too? “
  • “Gotta ask my mum some money. I can’t live with only four pairs of jeans. I need new ones!”

And all that, you know. If you know at least one Drama Queen, you will know what I am talking about. I’m trying to be a Princess again but I honestly say what kind of people I hate. They just don’t act normal. Normal people doesn’t do those things.

So yeah, if you agree, even just a little bit, like this and I will love you forever. 😀 🙂 And don’t forget that I follow back, too. 🙂 And especially interested I am in fitness blogs, healthy living blogs, poetry blogs and teen blogs.


xoxo, your Princess, Porcelain Doll.


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