Jennifer Lawrence and “Silver linings playbook”

Hey. 🙂 I know, people usually ask all those questions like: ‘Who’s your favourite singer?” , “What’s your favourite colour?” and etc. I can’t answer to those two questions cause I don’t have only one answer. How can you compare red to black? Or how you can complain Amy Winehouse and Porcelain Black? It’s just… you can’t.

But if I’m talking about my favourite actress, after long thinking, I can say that it’s Jennifer Lawrence. I know, I know, I never seen Hunger Games cause I’m not so into this movie gendre which this movie belongs. But when I saw “Silver linings playbook”, it totally took my heart. It was the best movie I’ve ever seen. It was a bit romantic but not too much and enough crazy to imagine all things, that happened in the movie, in real life.

I loved both main characters – Patt (starring Bradley Cooper) AND Tiffany (starring Jennifer Lawrence). I can’t really chose my favourite character in this movie but in Tiffany’s personality I saw so much things that I have, too. She was pretty similar to me in real life. And it’s a bit confusing. I’ve never saw a movie that could be so perfect, that could be so close to real life, too. It’s not one of those movies that you watch and there’s (Aww… *sarcam note cause I’m not into romantic movie gendre at all. I hate romantic movies.*) two people already together and happy, and kissing each other and too much romantic stuff. It’s not cheesy at all and it’s… cute. 🙂

I’ve never seen better movie than it and Jennifer Lawrence’s acting was very… impressive. 🙂 And Bradley Cooper was very good, too but I can’t say anything more about him because I never seen him in other movies.

Gotta find time to watch “Hunger games” and probably I will love it, too. But it’s just maybe.

But to you I can say, if you haven’t seen “Silver linings playbook” yet, you gotta see it! It’s really inspiring and impressive movie. And, of course, watch some other movies with Jennifer Lawrence, too! 🙂


Who loves Jennifer and “Silver linings playbook”, too? 🙂 Don’t be shy, let me know!


xoxo, person who loves good not too much romantic movies – Porcelain Doll.



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