What makes me happy – list

Some things that makes me uncredibly happy. No matter what – people, seasons, things to do – everything. 😉

  • summer (I know, I know, everyone loves summer 😀 )
  • swimming (Only few years ago I finally learned how to swim.)
  • good perfume ( I think it makes eveyone, not just me feel self-confidient and sexy. My favourite perfume still is Lady GaGa’s “Fame”.)
  • sushi ( Love them! One of fav food EVER! )
  • music that I love ( If music doesn’t make you happy, you’re weirdest person in whole world.)
  • dancing and other activities, maybe riding a bike, running. (Being active ALWAYS feels good, never forget that!)
  • movies (Of course, comedies. Horrors won’t make you happy, you’ll be just afraid.)
  • reading (Maybe I’m a book worm a bit but it’s exciting to read. You forget your problems and feel like main character of that book.)
  • friends. Especially, guy friends. I just realized that beeing just a friend of guy, you could know him better than beeing his girlfriend. And you can ask for advice anytime. AND they won’t tell your secrets to everyone.
  • sunbathing (everybody loves it)
  • meeting new people (just sometimes for me)
  • taking photos
  • writing poetry and stories
  • singing
  • shopping (I’m not a shopaholic, am I?)
  • trying new things that I’ve never done before
  • travelling (My biggest dream – visit New York before I turn 30 😀 )
  • blogging (guys, I love to share my thoughts with you all so much and see that I’ve got so much common with so many people 🙂 )
  • sleeping (Best part of my life, lol.)

And, I think that’s all for now. Don’t be afraid to dream, sooner or late your dreams will come true, you just gotta believe them!. 🙂

xoxo, forever and always yours Porcelain Doll.


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