5 beauty products that you should try

Hey, hey! I’m back and making little rewiew of beauty products that I’ve used. 🙂

Till this is the best mascara that I’ve ever had. I haven’t tried many but eh, this is still the best. 🙂 I haven’t found better. Lashes are getting black, long and thick. It’s so great. Only I wish, it could make my lashes

Vote: 9/10 .

I’ve got that ones to the right, brown ones. Actually, I really love that brown eye shadows looks good no matter your eye colour. ❤ What can I say about these? They look really good. Just one of my tips, that I put on eye shadows and then a little bit BB cream to make shadows last longer.

Vote: 10/10

It’s very good. No comments.

Vote: 10/10

My favourite nail polish ever. It looks so good and it doesn’t take long time to dry this.

Vote: 10/10

Nivea lip glosses are amazing. Love them. Protect lips and looks a little bit like a lip gloss.

Vote: 10/10

Yeah, I’m suggesting every product of these five to every girl. 🙂 Maybe you’ve already got at least one of these?

xoxo, Porcelain Doll.


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