I remember very well the day when she came to me in 2nd grade and asked: “Can I sit with you so you could show me the right answers?” 🙂 I still laugh about that but my best friend says that she doesn’t remember that. I remember and I guess, I always will. First years we weren’t best friends but just friends because in that time she already had best friend and I had one, too. Then years were going and somehow we became bff’s. We never talked about that but we spent much time together and told to each other almost everything.

Of course, there’s a lot of sh*t that we’re going through but I understood that I will never have better bff like she is to me now. Never. I don’t trust people and most of people can’t stand me cause I’m very different. I don’t know what will happen after 9th grade but I’m happy that I have someone to trust, someone to who I can tell everything.

What can I say to you? If you still haven’t bff, I hope that you will find her/him one day. 🙂 But if you have then you should be very, very happy. In my opinion, friends are most important people in lives. Don’t lose them.

(Update.) Reading this just makes me mad. We stopped being bffs soon after finishing 9th grade. Ironic, how one guy can ruin such a friendship. Better be ready for everything. People come and people go.


xoxo. Porcelain Doll.


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