Things that makes feel better

Everyone knows that feeling when you had a really, really bad day in work or school or somewhere else, everyone’s mad at at you or/and you are totally tired. You hate everyone and everything, you want to break things, scream and all that. So, I created a list of things that makes me feel better when I am in very, very bad mood. Maybe it will help you somewhen, too. 🙂

* Hot chocolate. Okay, for someone it could sound childish but hot chocolate really calms me and makes me feel better. Or tea, whatever. Just have a hot drink and you will feel better.

* That movie what you can watch like forever. We all got that one (at least one) movie that we love so much and can watch over and over again. Just don’t go for horrors, okay? :O Pick a good comedie like “Mean girls” , “Sleepover” or “Clueless”. Go and watch it!

* Sleep. Of course, sleep helps always.

* Talk with friend.

Watch movies. “Mean girls” seems just in time, right?

* Workout. It always works. You can do some exercises or just go for a run or ride a bike. Works always, gives you energy. 🙂

* Dance. Almost the same as working out. Just dance all your bad feelings out to some music that you like.

* Write. Write out all your feelings. 😉

* Or draw. The same. Put all you feelings out.

Remember! Don’t be mad to everyone just because you had a bad day. Stop the drama. 🙂

xoxo. Porcelain Doll.


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