When we start to grow up, it’s totally normal that we are crushing on someone.  And two days ago I just started to crushing on someone now so this made me think that I could make a post about  my attitude about crushes and my own crushes. Actually, in my whole life I’ve got only four crushes that I’m like. Let’s take a look at them all.

First one was just obsession. It was very bad obsession that made me go crazy about him because he was hot. Only think that I’ve liked about him was his look. Then for little, silly me looked like a model and I was ready to do everything to get his damn attention. Of course, I failed because he was the guy that every girl in whole school wanted and he was a dumbass. He wasn’t smart, he wasn’t funny and everything that he did was – put me on shame. I tried to flirt with him but he and his stupid friends were just making fun of me. Now I realize that this one was the most dumb crush I’ve ever had. *blushes embarrassed*

Second. He’s smart, funny and he plays the guitar. But we were like strangers —–> friends —> best friends —-> strangers —> almost friends —> probably friends. (Update.) Now he’s like an older brother to me and I’m still glad that I’ve met him.

Third. He was smart but quiet and not very into flirting and relationships. I was obsessed with his blue eyes. The end of the cheesy story about this crush.

Forth. I met him two days ago. Nothing to say yet.

Mostly, I just understood that I “liked” someone because of their looks. So, I being just obsessed not in love with someone.

(Update.) Now, when I look to this post and read all this, honestly I’m really ashamed. What could I know about crushes when I was fourteen or fifteen? I apologize for childish, old posts and will do my best to improve this blog.

xoxo, Porcelain Doll.


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