Things that I totally adore /part 1 – people/

Okay, everyone of us has many things that we adore: people, music, clothes, quotes, hobbies and etc. Here are mine.


Megan Fox.  Why I adore her? She can act like a lady and she can act like b*tch. In my opinion, she is not only an amazing actress but a perfect woman look-a-like. She looks sexy and beautiful, she is a powerful woman and is very close to my ideal, how every woman should look and act.

Lady GaGa. Why I adore her? You might think that she’s totally pervert, weird and all her popularity is based only on showbusiness. Okay, if you think like that, that’s your opinion.

In my opinion, she’s not only a perfect woman “look-a-like”. They way she dresses, what she sings, they way she acts… Looks like she has no rules at all. And I love it. I think that every woman should be free and shouldn’t listen what society says. In nowadays everyone thinks that only very skinny women are pretty, that we should have dressing rules and we should act very lady-like. Woman who listens what society says, will never be free and she’ll never be happy because she always will feel insecure about her body or something else. So forget about society.

Looking at GaGa, I understood that actually it’s not wrong if you are different and you have to love yourself for who you are. And you have to be strong. Don’t ever let anyone put you down and say that you’re nothing.

Miley Cyrus. One more rule-breaker. Since she has changed, many people started to think that now she’s totally pervert and she can’t create good music anymore. And I was one of those people since few days ago. I listened whole “Bangerz” album and understood that Miley hasn’t changed that much. She’s still that positive girl what we saw in “Hannah Montana: The movie” and in her serial, too.

First, I thought that those changes are bad and she isn’t the girl, I loved when I was little, anymore. I was wrong. Song “4×4” is sounds so country like the song in her movie few years ago. So, I know that her looks has changed but don’t hate her. She is wild but she still can make good songs. Wait – why I adore her? I love her music and that she’s very positive, and she is very good actress.

Olly Murs. Isn’t he sooooo adorable? So yeah, I adore him so much because first – I love his music. It’s emotional and really, really beautiful. Can’t explain how much I love it. Second – he is charming, isn’t he. 😀 One of my biggest celeb crushes.

P.S. If you still haven’t heard “Hand on heart” then you totally need to hear it. It is one of Olly’s best songs, in my opinion.

Conor Maynard. Okay, if you don’t adore him, you’re not a girl right? So… He’s my celeb crush no.1. but that doesn’t mean that I adore him only because of his look. Generally, I adore him because of his music. I mean, he’s damn great singer. Maybe, listening audio’s of her official songs, you may think that he’s just another celeb who’s popular because of showbusiness or something like that. But you should listen his covers and then you will understand why he’s one of my favourite male singers ever.

Eminem. King of rap, everyone knows that. That’s why adore him since I was 6 years old and then I first saw one of his songs on TV. No one can beat him in rapping. No one.


Soo… Wait for next part about “Things that I really adore”. 🙂


xoxo, Porcelain Doll


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