Fitness motivation

In in the middle of June of July (I don’t remember when), I decided to start exercising again. Before this time, I tried to do it many times but I couldn’t find a good exercises that I would like or I just haven’t enough time and that’s why I gave up. But now, I found really good exercises and started again.  Why?

I thought that I could look better. When I started, I thought that people will like me better if I will do this and I will look fit and healthy. I thought that my classmates won’t bully me and call me fat (but they still do). Some how I figured out that I really need to do this for myself. That it makes me feel better during the exercising and after it, too. It’s really good feeling when you can put on your favourite clothes and look amazing.

So yeah, I’m still doing it and it really gets better. Where did I get inspiration? Fitness blogs and not only. Somehow I found some fitness addicted girls Instagram profiles where they posted inspirational qoutes and how they look before and after exercising. And I thought: “Amazing! I wanna look better, too!” Finally, I’m exercising very regular cause I want my dream body, too.

And everyone else can do it, too. Just get inspired, search for some exercises, eat healthier and never give up. You can do it! (:

P.S. Here is some fitness inspiration for everyone. (:

xoxo, Porcelain Doll


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