Scars, bullying, tears and blood.

I don’t think that someone ever thought how hard it is. Going through all shit for nothing. Being bullied.

Many people go through it. Even too many. We are bullied because our clothes aren’t expensive enough, we don’t listen to the “right” music, we don’t smoke or drink, we never had sex or had it with wrong persons or… Whatever. I can call like hundred of reasons why you can be a bullying victim. And the worst thing is that when you will be bullied, you’ll be helpless. You will feel like a shit for no damn reason. And it break my heart, your heart and everyone’s heart who has it.

Every day so many people are bullied. And not because they are not “right type” of people. Not because they would be bad like a people. They’re just different. They have something that maybe bully hasn’t. But bullies know that they can’t get that what you have. That’s why they try to make you feel like a shit. But you know what? Don’t ever give up. If you will, they will won. With every cut you lost. To them, to yourself…

Yesterday I found something that really made me think…

Okay, I am Little Monster but it really doesn’t matter. Just every time when you want to cut, stop and think. Imagine if people that you love would say these words. You wouldn’t hurt him/her, right? I know, for all those people who cut, it sounds really hard (and it is!) but just stop. Don’t cut yourself. Be your own warrior. Survive no matter what. Be brave!

And now probably you think, why I’m even talking about all this. Because I was bullied. I still am. I was cutting. But stopped. I’m not gonna do it anymore. I still sometimes cry in my pillow because of mean words but now I try to be strong and brave. I know, it’s not my fault that I am bullied.

Really, if you are bullied, remember that it is not your fault! There always be people that will try to make you feel bad but put your head up high. Be your own hero and be strong!

xoxo, Porcelain Doll


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