Cody Simpson and all those “cuties” that girls like so much.

Yeah, now it’s 21st century and girls in whole world are obsessed with boy singers like Justin Bieber, Austin Mahone, Cody Simpson… And that is one thing I can’t understand because I am not obsessed with any of them.

Let’s start with Justin Bieber. Okay, I know that guy worked probably hard on his career but… he’s still not very tallented. Like most of pop music songs, his songs are with simple melody, sweet words that make every girl’s heart melt. And, I know that his voice isn’t that girly anymore but he still isn’t… Musican with big “M”. You feel me? I mean, Musican should have good voice, in lyrics I should hear truth about life not all cheesy sh*t about love. (Sorry, I’m just getting over one guy so, yeah. 😀 All about love it kinda stupid for me at this moment. I was so in love. 😀 )  So no hate on me, I’m just not Belieber.

Next – Austin Mahone. If you still don’t know who he is, I can tell you that is very similar to many cute boy singers like Justin Bieber and etc. He’s not very popular but one of his most popular songs is “What about love”. Okay, that song is pretty catchy but only because of harmonies. In my opinion, he looks a bit better than Justin Bieber but sings… I don’t know. I don’t like his live performances. He’s musican not Musican, too.

And here we are – Cody Simpson. First, I can’t stand how he looks. Sorry, but I just can’t. (He reminds me one of my worst enemies in school.) And songs… Songs are okay. Nice harmonies, in my opinion not very cheesy lyrics. Voice is okay. So of these three, he’s my favourite. Check out his new song, it is totally stuck in my head. (:


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