Letter to all unsure teen bloggers.

Hey, shy, unsure teen boy or girl!

Starting to run a teen blog isn’t the easiest thing at all. You have a big dream about successful online journal/diary whatever it is but there are many reasons that can easily crush them. I know that, I’ve been there myself and in some points from these I still am.

First thing, you want followers. Many of them, even. You think that posting quality post will bring them here by themselves. Sadly – nuh-uh. You need to add hashtags, share blog and it’s posts wherever you can and so on, so on. Sometimes it doesn’t help as much as you wish and that’s a really big disappointment, I know. You spend so many time writing your heart out but people just don’t read that and don’t like that. Ouch. Deal with that. Many people give their blogs up because of this. I decided not to be one of them. (Yeah, even 1 like to my post can push me forward to continue this.) Who knows – maybe after year my blog will be much more successful. I’ll just do whatever I can to make it more visible to people.

Second thing, parents. Most of our parents hate that we’re wasting time on the Internet and writing bunch of stuff no one needs and reads. They really want me to clean up the house, cook, feed rabbits and so on. Still there’s no way out of their shitty attitude.. They will forever be mad so only thing I can do is not to write blog posts when they see.

Third thing, haters. Let’s be honest – no matter what you write, you don’t want your haters to read it because they already make fun of everything you do. This was the reason why I deleted my Latvian blog on blogger and started completely new one. Changing blog’s language to English, changing platform and not saying my real name here seems much better. Still – there is need to be careful and not post offensive content because you don’t know, who will read it and what they will think about you.

So here are main teen blogger rules:

  • No offensive content.
  • Promote your blog on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, whereever you can and put hashtags on it.
  • Follow other blogs that you like, don’t forget to leave nice comments and like their posts.
  • Don’t use slangs. People like understandable text.
  • Ask questions to your readers, that should make them comment more.
  • Add pictures, just not too much.

Suggestion: It really looks like teen bloggers aren’t as united as adult bloggers. Let’s change this. Let’s follow each other, read each others’ blogs and share our thoughts! To be more sure about ourselves we need to stick together and support each other. Walking this blogging path together could be easier together.

If you need to talk, I’m here and always happy to make new friends. If you want to write a blog post for my blog or me for yours, let me know. :)

xoxo, Porcelain Doll.


When I started writing this blog, I thought about it more as a diary kind of thing. I had no goal and no hopes to ever make it something serious. But as time went, my passion grew. I got super excited for every like and every comment. I thought it would be cool to comunicate with people through blog because it was much more enjoyable that talking in real life. Besides – I could say something to many people at once, they just had to read my blog.

So here I am – having a blog with 171 follower. Pretty cool, huh? Maybe. But I understood that followers and views mean nothing, if no one really like the stuff I’m writing and it touches no one’s heart. I don’t write this because I want to have one thousand followers or because I’m collecting likes. No. I am writing because I want to change something, change at least few peoples’ minds about things that really matters. I wouldn’t care much if I had only 10 blog followers, as long as they would read every blog post of mine and share their thought about it. 45 views so far today but I get nothing from this. Just because it’s hobby, I don’t promote my blog much. I don’t spend a cent for it. I tried reading tips, how to grow traffic and how to creat great blog. Okay, I grew traffic and from that point linkcollider is great. But that makes people clicking on my blog just because they want “tookens” to promote THEIR blogs and they don’t even care about reading it. What’s the point? What do I get from these damn numbers?

Just a question – what’s the point of following someone, if you don’t even read their blog? 

Let me know, if you see a point to continue this blog because I don’t for now.

xoxo, Porcelain Doll.

Workout pros.

Are you still sitting on that sofa, eating chocolate ice cream and doubting, should you ever change this kind of lifestyle? Let me enlighten you and show you list of workout pros.

  • Confidence. Nothing compares to that feeling when you see your body changing and feel super happy about it. You can just go to your favourite store, pick your favourite clothing and it not only fits you but also looks good. You can go to beach in your dream swimming suit, catch everyone’s looks and feel amazing. You can take your clothes off, when you’re with your loved one and feel even more confident about your body.
  • Post workout showers. Nothing much to explain, it’s just one reward you give yourself about hard workout – warm shower.
  • Visible body changes after few months already. Remember those jeans that were tight for you? Not anymore!
  • More energy than ever. You don’t want to spend all day on the couch anymore, you want to go out and change the world.
  • Compliments that people start telling you. “Wow, your waist was never that slim!
  • Improving yourself. You try a little more, then some more and more. You never knew you could do exercises like this.
  • Relieves stress. This one proably I love the most. Had bad day at school or work? Put those workout clothes on, find some free space in your room, take all equipment needed and workout!
  • You’re more atractive in person’s that you like eyes. Yep. You feel like a hot shot and that you have more chances with him/her than most of the people. Even if things doesn’t work, it’s easier to tell yourself that you deserve better because you really do. People with fit body and strong will deserve the best.
  • Happiness. It just somehow happens – you’re happier than you’ve ever been and even worst times don’t  look that bad because one thing is always alright – your body.

I guess, that’s all but it’s enough to start working out. Do you want to feel confident? Be stronger and happier? Just do it. Physical pain for few moments are nothing, compared to amazing results working out gives.

Always remember – you are doing to be better version of yourself not to be like someone else. ;)

P.S. Catch some pic motivation, too.

xoxo, Porcelain Doll.

Confused… about career.

I’m so confused about all the career paths and stuff that I couldn’t even write new post in here. So here I am – still wondering about all chances, possibilities but I’m gonna write all thoughts in here. Last thing I want to is this blog to die.

Some of you that are reading this blog, might now that I’m studying music (still going in middle school). Yeah. I’m already tired of people asking me: “Oh, so you’ve decided to keep studying music later, too, right?” Stop it. I haven’t decided anything. Actually I have no idea that I should do with my life. Choosing right career path is probably the most important choice in my whole life. I never had a time to really think about it. For a while I was little, then I was careless and *BAM* somehow after finishing 9th grade I found myself in a different city, in a different school. Looks like I really didn’t care about my life until now because I had no choice and everything for me decided my parents. It’s kinda depressing, when you can’t pick what you want to wear and the most important – what you can be. It brings tears in my eyes, thinking about that my parents might never let me really be who I want to be. So what, if it will be hard? So what, if I might do the wrong choice at the beginning? It will still be my choice and that it only thing that matters. I’m jealous to all teenagers whose parents support their career decisions and don’t pressure them do pick something else. You’re happy, be thankful about it.

I never felt that I have to make decisions in my own life and, I guess, that’s why I’m scared them when I need to. When someone else controls your life for so long, you never learn, how to do it by yourself. Since I was in third grade, I used to draw. In that moment I more liked the attention and the admiration that my classmates gave me than process itself. Later it changed and I really wanted to go to Art school but my parents didn’t let me. After few years I started to take private lessons in Art but it already felt like it was too late. I told my parents that I want to study Art but they kinda just laughed in my face. “You don’t have enough talent to do that. If you won’t pick Music, you will make very big mistake and fail.” That’s what they told me. Basically it felt like I suck at everything else and if I wouldn’t study music, they wouldn’t love me or something. Often, not even realizing that, my parents made me feel like shit and now I’m not sure about myself anymore. I don’t know if I can achieve something, I don’t know if I’m good person, I don’t even know am I strong enough to break out of this control cage.

Now I’m not gonna quit Music studies but I’ve started to read more about other professions and thought more about what I want and what I’m ready to do. So what if I will pick something that many, many people are doing in this world and never be a musical genius? I don’t care. I just want to make my own choices, feel happy and never feel pressure from someone else again. At the moment I’m trying to get more information about professions associated with Art, Computers and Writing. I don’t know yet, what I want but I will figure it out and I will fight for what I want, no matter what it will cost.

To all parents – please, let your children choose them their own path and support it. This is not the thing you can know better than they can. Main thing that parent should want is to their kids to be happy not to always do what they say and nothing else. I know, how it feels to have very high expectations and feel like everything I do is never enough,  and everything I want for myself is wrong. Don’t make your children feel like that. Let them know that they can choose and achieve what they want. Stay awesome, make your choices and don’t prevent others from making them!

xoxo, Porcelain Doll.

My quote……

You will never meet greater enemy or friend than yourself. Which of these two you want to be is your choice.

That song will forever be stuck in my head. It’s just… magnetic.

xoxo, Porcelain Doll.

Wrong ways.

I’m confused – if you think negative, the good thing doesn’t happen; if you hope too much and get too excited about it, it doesn’t happen either. It doesn’t matter if it’s about contest you think you will win, the guy, who you think will call you back or perfect swimsuit you think ,you will buy. None of this ever happens. But maybe I should ignore this fact at all and not think about it? No, I can’t. I will fail the contest, if I won’t work hard enough, I will lose any chance with this guy, if I won’t do anything to make him see me and I will get so fat that I won’t be able to find perfect swimsuit.

Yeah, life fucks as all and it’s like 90% pain and 10% happiness. Only thing I wish is to switch those sides. I’m not that bad person and I do deserve happy ending. We all do. We don’t deserve that much pain. Pain makes you learn something but if it’s too much, it ruins you and turns you into hopeless person. Pain is like alcohol – when it’s a little, it’s okay but when it’s too much, it ruins your life and you can’t just switch things back the way they were before.

I can’t hope, I can’t think negatively and I can’t ignore everything. I’m sitting in a cage, called “life” and I’m confused about how should I act to change things to better.

xoxo, Porcelain Doll.

How to get points & credits for games online FOR FREE.

Okay, okay, I was the person, who said that I don’t play games online anymore but… just agree with me, IMVU is pretty exciting one. Sad thing is that it’s not easy at all to get enough credits and have fun for whole 100% in it. In many countries just like in mine offers that can help earn free credits aren’t available.

Should I just delete this game from my computer and delete my account? No, there’s really good alternative for it! Suff Points have many tasks you can do to earn points online, get gift cards you want and use them for IMVU or any other game  it offers reward for. Check this website stuffpoints.com out, it’s awesome!

xoxo, Porcelain Doll.

10 sex myths you really shouldn’t believe.

Bam! Gues what, teen girl/boy? Many things about sex that you thought were true are actually myths and total bullshit! No, teachers, Math and History aren’t the most important subjects in school. You won’t die, if you won’t remember in which years started World War 2 or how much is square root from 13 but you will die, if you will contract STD’s from not knowing that oral sex isn’t safe just because you can’t get pregnant. I think, Sex Ed should be teached in every school, in every country. You can’t affect when and with who your daugther/son or whoever has sex but you can give them enough information about it and answer to all their questions. When I was younger and even know my parents were always like: “Oh, you’re too young for sex talk. If were gonna talk about this too much, you’ll want to do this and we don’t really want that.” Dang! Gues what, mum and dad? I’m almost seventeen! There are many teen mom’s in my age, there are people in my age that already has STD’s. If we’d talk about it, it wouldn’t mean that I will turn into sex obsessed person.

Okay, enough of that. All I want to say to parents is: “Don’t tell your daugthers and sons bullshit and do answer to their questions. If a person is poor informed about sex or anything else, things can go bad. You don’t want that, right? So stop being ashamed about this topic and split it out! You’re not ashamed to do it, so why are you ashamed to talk about it? People are making sex such a tabu that teenagers in these days have  less information known about it and bunch of bullshit red that they believe in. Let’s stop this!” And now here’s a list of myths that I’m gonna bust for you, teenager!

  1. You can pop your cherry AKA hymen can be broken. Biggest bullshit of all in the internet. Funny how guys AND girls believe that hymen is located somewhere deeper in vagina and it can be broken, and it will hurt like hell. I didn’t really know this stuff either just few months ago. Actually this thing is a membrane that partially covers or surrounds the external vaginal opening. It IS NOT something that you can make a hole in or something. Whatever, you get the point. Though, there are different types of hymens. But the basic stuff about it Laci Green sure explains better than me. 
  2. Oral sex is safe because you can’t get pregnant. Silly. Okay, you can’t get pregnant but don’t forget about STD’s because you can still contract them. I know, in the moment we think only about pleasure and not about safety. And guys – don’t forget about safe oral sex not only when you’re getting it but also when you’re giving it.  (And again Laci Green can tell you all about oral sex much better than me.)
  3. You can’t get pregnant, if you have sex while you’re on your period. Wrong. Sperm can survive for few days and you still have a chance to get pregnant.
  4. You can’t get pregnant, if you’re having sex in the water. If you’re not using any protection, you still can get pregnant. No matter where and when you have sex, you can get pregnant (or contract STD’s), if you’re not using protection.
  5. Two condoms are better than one. Nope, not true. If you use two condoms at the same time, there’s higher risk they can get broken.
  6. Masturbation is bad and something you should feel guilty about. Seriously? I bet no parents would ever say to their child that masturbation is actually good thing because they kinda think that if their child is masturbating, he/she is a pervert. If they ever accidentaly caught you masturbating, they probably grimaced and started yelling: “What the hell are you doing? Stop that right now! You should never do this.” Okay, that’s the worst reaction but you get the point. The truth is that masturbation is good because it increases your mood, takes away stress, helps you sleep better and helps you to understand what you really want in sex and how you want it.
  7. If you’re having sex, you automatically count as an adult, as more mature person than everyone, who doesn’t have sex. Why do society keeps every young person to have sex more and more earlier? It’s a choice you should make by your own without pressure from someone. If you’re, like, fourteen and you’ve already done it, it doesn’t make you better than everyone else, who haven’t done it yet. It’s not really that big deal and doing or not doing it won’t make you better or worse person, never forget that.
  8. It’s better to have sex when you’re drunk or high. No, it isn’t. When you’re drunk or high, you’re less able to orgasm and you might forget about protection.
  9. The size of penis matter and the bigger it is, than better. No, boy, you got this all wrong. Big penis and small vagina can be a really bad combination. Also – not all vaginas are the same size. When it comes to penis size – it’s more important how well you can use it, not how big it is.
  10. First time having sex will really hurt for a girl. Umm, should it? The answer is no. Like Laci Green said: “If it hurts, you’re probably doing something wrong.” Maybe you’re not relaxed enough  or maybe you’re going too fast. Or you’re not wet enough (lubricant can help with this).

P.S. If you’re using condoms AND lubricant, DON’T USE OIL BASED LUBRICANT.

Okay, here you go – ten myths. I wish my parents would have told me at least few of these. If you want to know something more, check out Laci Green’s channel on Youtube.

xoxo, Porcelain Doll.

Miks Dukurs – “Impossible” cover live at Daugavas koncertzāle

That moment when I went to James Arthur’s concert in 18.06.15. and got know that he’s sick and won’t perform tonight, I thought this night is gonna suck. I was so wrong. I’m happy that I didn’t leave that night. It was still amazing and latvian musicans are better than I always thought. We’ll still hear James Arthur live in 12. august but here’s Miks Dukurs cover version of “Impossible”. I liked it so much, I just couldn’t not post this in my blog. My Motorolla Moto G phone surprised me a lot, I thought that sound quality will be worse but no. Oh, whatever, enjoy the song and let me know your thoughts about this version of “Impossible”! :)

xoxo, Porcelain Doll.

Top 10 Twitter accounts to follow

There are moments in our lives, when it feels like time has stopped and you’re waiting for your dentist’s visit, boss’ call or whatever forever. And there are moments when you feels so pissed at someone but you can’t take all that out, so you just take your phone or laptop, go to Twitter and start expressing your feelings through tweets. Here’s a little list of my favourite Twitter accounts, which posts can totally make my day, make me forget about my problems for a moment and are great waste of time in moments of boredom.

  • Student Problems One of my favourite accounts ever. We all hate school with it’s fake bitches and mad teachers, and we all deal with much more shit life gives us. Here you go – if this won’t make you laugh, at least it will make you smile as well.
  • Chatejah This girl has some really good Vines and videos. That’s why I’m sharing this in here.
  • Steve Stifler Parody account, most posts are great.
  • Sarcasm Most of the story of my life in this accounts posts.
  • Me? Sarcastic? Never Another girly / teen like account but… great if you have a lot of time to waste.
  • poetry If you don’t really want to laugh and smile but drown into deep thoughts.
  • Seriously! Another white girl – like Twitter account for teens.
  • Relatable Quotes Okay, I’m obsessed with those silly accounts made for teens. Who isn’t?
  • Kardashian Reactions
  • Girl Notes♔

Okay, that’s all. See you soon.

P.S. If you have any suggestions about what do you want to read in this blog, feel free to comment. I will be super happy, if you will tell, what do you want to read about, what do you like in this blog and what not. Also, I’m opening this blog for guest bloggers, too. If you’re interested, let me know by commenting down below or writing to my e-mail: zakens1998@gmail.com 

xoxo, Porcelain Doll.