Few more words about writing inspiration and writing in general.

Hey, my dear followers and readers, I’m back again! :) Such a sunny day but I’m here again, writing something for you all to read and expressing myself. So today I’m gonna talk about writing inspiration and about writing in general, too.


Have you even had that feeling that you really like to write but you never really opened yourself for it? Maybe some of you know what I meant with this question. There is people in this world, who like to write, who has something to say but they just can’t suceed. They most of the time are out of inspiration and are having writer’s block. (Believe me, writer’s block is one of the scarriest thing for a writer. They just suck and they are like some kind of illness that you can’t get away from so fast.) They want to write and they like to write but… nothing just comes out. Feel me? So, already few days ago, I was one of those people. I knew that I love to write, I knew that I can do it very well and all that but I just… wasn’t completely opened for it. Maybe I wasn’t ready to work hard for it and was just lazy or maybe there’s some other reason that I don’t know. Whatever. For now it doesn’t matter.


The thing that matters now is that I finally set myself and my thoughts free. It hard to explain it but I’m gonna try whatever. So two days ago I woke up at 5 a.m. because of terrible stomatch pain. (Period, blah, haha. But it doesn’t mattter. :P ) So I just made some tea, drink pain-killers and turned on pc. Like always when I’m bored, I went to omegle and searched for someone interesting to chat with. After some time of trying I found one man, who’s interested in writing and he’s a writer. Probably he was one of the weirdest people you can meet online because he haven’t told me his age and other things about her. He just told his name (that I forgot) and location – it was in England, I think. Later he just started talking about new novel that he’s writing now. How he wrote first four chapters, then deleted them. Then wrote again it to be perfect. He wanted it to be mind blowing, the one that makes you cry and really think about what are you reading. All that time he was just writing about his novel and all I could do is read it. I thought that he’s weird and kinda crazy but things that he wrote made me think and I flew like to a different world. The world of writers, real writers that could seem to everyone else crazy but they’re just… obsessed with telling stories and creating. Writing to them is like air to every living creature. They can’t liv without it. After telling about his novel, he started writing about people. How he’s tired of people hurting him, how he wants to be alone, no one’s noticed, how he wants to enjoy the silence but people keep ruining it. And I just red all that and was fascinated and kinda like hypnotised. I thought that some parts of what he’s telling matches with my own thoughts. I hate to be in noisy place with loud and boring people around me. I love to be alone and sometimes I don’t want anyone to notice me but they keep ruining these moments.


Did you understand, what I was trying to tell you by telling about this writer, about what he told to me?I hope you did. It was very hard to explain and retell all this to you. I couldn’t keep not even a half of fascination that he had. After thinking all what he said, I just sat to my table and started to write. It was just the begging and nothing much but I did it with passion. And in the same day’s evening the idea of great story was finally born in my mind. It was unique, probably breath taking and it needed to be the one who makes you cry. This man somehow inspired me so much that I finally opened myself. Now I’m writing everyday because for now I just cannot stop. I have idea that needs to become to a story. :)

And one more question: Have you ever wrote something, then red in it and felt like you want to cry?I had that feeling at least once in my life. I expressed myself, put all my thoughts on a paper, then red all that… And I felt like crying because I felt that I did the best in that moment I could. That moment was probably first and only moment when I wanted to cry from happiness in my life. I always thought that being happy and crying is just silly but now I know how it feels. Right now, while writing this post, I almost started crying again. Only people, who love to writes as much as I do, can understand my feelings right now. :)


Also those two days ago I found free e-book that really can help everyone, who writes no matter how long he does it and how good he is at it. Just download and read it. It’s really helpful and I should tell big thanks to amazing author of this book. Does he even know how much he helped young writers and all those who just started? :)

Here’s the link: http://writetodone.com/wtd-books/

Download it, read it and I promise that you won’t regret it. :)

P.S. Here’s one of songs that inspires me while writing. :) This new band has amazing songs.


xoxo, your passionate writer Porcelain Doll.


The most popular mistakes people make when they want to start to work out and live healthy.

Hey, all my cool 90 followers and those who are reading this but for some reason still don’t follow me! :) So it’s 6:08 a.m. in here when I’m writing this and I just had two and a half hours of sleep tonight. My so much loved god Ringo was barking very loud and there was probably some more resons why I couldn’t sleep that I don’t even know. So I just decided to make a tea and write one more post for my blog, which, I gotta say, is very succesful cause I’ve never ever had 90 followers to my blog. Thanks to you all who follow me and like my posts. Means much to me. :) But enough about that, I’m here just to name few the most popular mistakes that people usually make when they want to go from totally unhealthy living style to healthy.


1. They start working out but… they start with two much. Imagine someone who’s very not fit, who probably has overweight and this person starts first day with 100 squats, 100 crunches, 2 minute wall squat and 50 mountain climbers, being sure that he can do it every day. Here’s where plan fails – you can’t start with very much if you’re not fit. Your motivation will dissapear then, your muscles will hurt like hell and you will just give up. How I know this one? Once I did the same.


2. They work out just fine but… they still eat too much junk food. Many people think that they can have great abs and everything else by eating all that they love and working out. No. It’s not like you need to put yourself on a diet but you need to skip all unhealthy things like burgers, chips, sodas… All junk food. Instead of that just eat fresh fruits and vegetables. I know, it sounds hard but that is really a key to eating healthy and having healthy lifestyle. So everytime when you want a burger or some sweets, better make a smoothie or something. Just don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to say that all you need is vegetables, fruits and nothing more. Still you need to eat meat and milk products and all that.


3. They workout enough but… they choose exercises that they hate. People always think that working out describes pain, sweat and something that you really hate. That’s what I thought before I started for real, too. But it’s completely not like that. You need to choose exercises that you like so it would be easier and more interesting to work out. Also, choosing exercises that you’ll like, you won’t give up that soon because of no motivation left.


4. They eat well, they workout but… they want to see results already after few days or week. Remember that Rome wasn’t built in one day? Don’t wait for instant results, it just won’t happen. You won’t have your dream shape after week or month. It’s not some crazy diet plan that helps you to loose weight for two months. This is project for life so be patient and keep working on it. One day you will see results just like I did.

Here’s some more motivation…

motivate4 motivate5






So I goues that’s all for now. I’ve made all of these mistakes in past but now I’m smarter and I don’t do that anymore. :) I hope this was helpful and motivational for all of you.


xoxo, Porcelain Doll.

My thoughts about… homosexual and bisexual people.

Hello! Weird thing is that I relized, I haven’t posted here for some time and… I wanted to post one more “update” about this day. But then I relized – who care’s about that I went swimming on Monday and all stuff? I could better talk about one of my favourite topics of all time and it’s about homosexuals and bisexuals. 

Some people may say: “What’s there to talk about? Homosexuals are bad and sick people and bisexuals aren’t much better, too.”But you know what? I’m not gonna be one of these people who are against people with different sexual orientation. Why their sexual orientation matters that much to you? You’re not a family member, not even a friend or someone they fell in love with. Then why you should judge them?

The topic about gay rights always been the one I could discuss with my mother the most.I just couldn’t understand why she was so against it. She always says that it’s sick to have sex with someone who’s not from the opposite sex. But I’m still thinking… why. Only minus in the same sex relationship is that you can’t have your own children. And that’s the only thing that’s bad about it. But about sexual life… You think that woman can pleasure other woman or man can’t pleasure other man enough? Or what? And that’s a bit weird minus of not having children is a pluss somehow, too. Of course, only for women but still you can have sex and not worry about getting pregnant when you don’t need that. But umm, okay, that’s not the point.

I haven’t always been the one who supports gay and bisexual rights.For a while I didn’t knew that people like this even exist. But when I realized that they really exist, what they are and what they do, my reaction still was neutral. When my thoughts changed? When I became Little Monster. It’s not only about people with different sexual orientation. What GaGa tried to told everyone that we all are equal, we all are special no matter our sexual orientation, skin colour or something else. Feel me?

It’s a fact that we all deserve love no matter what.We all can feel love, no matter we’re bisexuals, heterosexuals or homosexuals. We’re still the same. We should love and support each other not judge and bring down. Sorry for so messed up and short post but I’ve got mess in my mind. ;)

Somehow I just clicked on this music video that I heard and seen already two years ago and remembered about all this gay rights stuff.What can I say? Be good to people around you and support them. :)


xoxo, I love you all no matter what, Porcelain Doll.

Some thoughts about my grandparents & Buddhism monk’s book

Hello, my dear followers. I’m very happy to see more and more people following my blog. I could never imagine that one day my blog will have 88 followers but now it has! :) Thank you all. I’m gonna do everything to make this blog more popular and interesting to people from all age groups. I’m gonna post less about celebrities for example. I relized that these post just say nothing. Nobody cares much if I like Iggy Azalea, Ed Sheeran or some other celebrity. So today I’m gonna talk about my grandparents and Buddhism, too. And to answer a question that maybe can pop in your head – no, I’m not buddhist, I’m just Christian, who really respects Buddhism.

Opening the door of

When my mum yesterday gave me Ajahn Brahm’s book “Opening the door of your heart”, at first I thought that it will be something very boring for girl in my age but… I was wrong.This book has written by buddhist monk and it tells about his life’s events and people that he met. It shows new look to everyone’s life, our loved ones and everything else. I even didn’t red half of this book but it already touched my heart and made me think about my life, how I could change it, following thoughts that these stories told. And, of course, right now I found one storie that really made me think more than other ones.

Monk tells about new Australian woman who visited him few years ago in Perth’s monastery. She felt guilty for what she did few months ago. Woman was working in some miner’s village, work was very hard but she got payed well. Only thing – she had nothing to do in her free time. One day she initiated idea that she, her friend and boyfriend could go to a trip to lowland scrub. They did not wanted to go there but woman thought that go there alone would be too boring. She didn’t give up and talked to them until they agreed to go with her. But then happened something bad… Car capsized on road, woman’s young friend died but her boyfriend stayed paralyzed. Although trip was woman’s idea, she was completely fine. When woman come to monk, she said:” I wish, I wouldn’t told them to go to this trip! She would still be alive. He still would be walking. I feel terrible. It’s all my fault.” At first monk thought that he should tell that it’s not her fault, it wasn’t her target to do something bad to her friends. Things just happen. She needs to forget this. But then he thought: “I bet, she heard this hundred times and it probably didn’t help at all.” Monk said that it’s okay to feel guilty, to feel bad for it. Confusion changed sadness in her face but then she looked facilitated. She never heard that it’s okay to feel bad about it. She felt guilty but everyone told her to not think about it. That only made double guilt – about accident and about feeling guilty.

When we already coped first level of guilt and admitted that it’s not bad at all to feel guilty about what happened, we can go to next level – the solution level. What to do? This young woman needed to repent her sins, to free her from guilt. Monk suggested her to take a part of voluntary work in nearest hospital’s rehabilitation division, to help people who suffered in an accidents. He thought that hard work will make her the guilt about her accident feel less.

And now you will say: “Okay, very thoughtful story but why are you talking about it? What it has to do with your life?” Here’s my answer. When I was nine, my grandma (dad’s mother) died from cancer, when I was eleven or twelve years old, my grandpa (mum’s father) died from cancer, too. Different kind of cancer but whatever. If you ask, what I feel guilty here about, I will say: “I think, I never spent enough time with them.” Really. I was so little and never relized how amazing it is to have grandparents (Only exception – if they drink and don’t give a f*ck about you at all. That’s what my other grandfather (dad’s father) did. It was weird to feel nothing, when he died.). Sometimes I was mad to them and now I feel guilty about it because I think that they didn’t even deserve it. I’m growing older and than more times goes after their deaths, than more questions I have that I would like to ask them but I can’t. I wish I would know more about their pasts, about time when I wasn’t even born… Even writing about them in my blog brings tears in my eyes. I can’t say that I love my parents less than my grandparents but… they were still very speacial to me. I remember how grandpa baked pancakes with meat and I could feel that smell in whole apartment. How I and mum came to Riga to visit him, how I and grandpa went to other side of town to visit his sister… How I spent time in grandma’s house, how safe I felt there… I can’t even remember and write here all nice memories but I still have them deep in my mind and heart. Time goes but I only miss them more and more. But, like it was about woman in monk’s book, maybe it’s good to feel sad and to feel guilty a bit.

If I should think about second, solution level… Last night just before falling asleep, idea just popped in my head. I know that my grandparents are dead and I can do nothing about them… But how about donating some money to help cancer patients? I could do that. Maybe not just right now because I’m still a student and I’m not working and earning money but in future… I could do that, right? I already know how it is – to lose someone because of cancer. But I could try, how I can to make number of people, who died from cancer, less.

That’s all for now, people. I have tears in my eyes but still, I’m smiling. :)

R.I.P. grandpa and both grandmas.

xoxo, Porcelain Doll.


Few words about my passion for writing and blogging

Hey. Back again… ;)











I wasn’t writing any posts because I wasn’t sure that there is people who even read them. Stupid, I know. So many people started their own blogs because they had bright ideas and they wanted to share their ideas with the world but stopped posting in them because realized that no one is really interested in what they think. And my blog is probably gonna be one of them soon. I can’t promise you regular posts but I can promise you to write with all my sould, with everything that I have because, as you know, writing for now is my biggest passion.

When I was little and went in 2nd or 3rd grade, I never thought that one day I will love writing. All essay writing for school mum always helped me. She told me what to write or write it by herself and then I just wrote a bit edited version of essay in my notebook. I didn’t like to write back then at all. Topics were pretty childish and I just didn’t know why I should write some silly fairytale about flowers or something like that. Main thing what I want in writing, is to express myself and share my thoughts with world. If I can’t say what I think at all, it starts to bore me.

Later topics got more interesting but that’s not only thing why I finally started to love writing. I learned how make something good even from worst and the most boring topic ever. Kind of I learned how to make gold from shit. People who think essay topics for students aren’t creative mostly at all. At least before secondary school and high school. What am I trying to say? Don’t growl because you don’t like the topic. Make from it the best eassay or poetry work of whatever you’re writing. And when you don’t care about topic that much anymore, it’s a sign that you’re one step closer to being a good writer.

I know that I won’t become a good writer in one day, week, month or even a year. I need to practice more, more and more. I will make mistakes but I will learn from them. And that’s how I will become a good writer. In this world still are people who say: “You’re horrible at writing. This story just sucks. You should never write again.” Saddest thing is that some people who write really believe them. They put pen and paper deep in drawer and never take touch them again. They give all they dreams and hopes away just because one or few stupid, dumb people, who never archieved something in their lives, said so. Don’t join “I think, I’m a shitty writer, who has no tallent and I’m never gonna write again.” club. Just don’t. Maybe right now a dream about being real writer, who’s works are sold and popular in whole world or at least country, looks impossible but don’t give up.  I don’t really remember, where I heard that quote but here it is: “To win the race, you gotta be in the race.”

If you are donna stop right now, you will never reach your goal. That’s the thing you need to remember no matter what you do. Is it about writing, fitness, cooking, drawing, it doesn’t matter. It’s just one of live’s main moto’s.

And if we’re talking about blogging right now… I don’t know, what I am gonna do with this blog but still, I’m not sure that I want to give up because dollshavehearts.wordpress.com is still the most succesful blog I ever had. I don’t think, I can make other blog that would have so many followers and that I would love so much. Yes, I really love my blog. I’m really sorry that there are posts that you, readers and followers, are not interested in. I will really try to change that and write about topics you like. If you have any ideas about this blog, comment down there or in any other post. I will be just thankful for it. Just like every other thing that people do, blogging needs practice, too. You can’t make succesful blog that people will love in one day, week or month.

What I’m going to change in this blog:

  • Theme and design. I will change it as long as I will not find the one, who will fit to this blog the most.
  • Add a playlist. This is just maybe. But I think that playlist will make this blog brighter and more interesting for readers.
  • Post topics. I’m gonna rethink about what to post in here. Something that I’m writing about, bores you all. I’m not gonna post about it anymore and delete posts that no one likes.

I’m also thinking about creating a profile for this blog in ask.fm or/and twitter or/and facebook. So wait for it soon.

xoxo, Porcelain Doll.

Woman Crush Wednesday – Iggy Azalea!

Hey, guys! :) I’m here in a very, very, very happy mood and yeah… I decided to call this post “Woman Crush Wednesday”. Why? Because just today I relized that it’s Wednesday and I wanted to write a post about woman crushes so bad for a long time. If you still ask, why just in Wednesday, it just sounds cool with word “woman”. :D So I decided not to write about all my Woman Crushes (all are celebrities, of course) but choose one every Wednesday. ;) I’m just not sure that I will rememer to make this post every Wednesday but who cares, I’m making this one right now.

So… About crushes. I think every woman has at least one other woman that she has a crush on. Not like “OMG, she’s so hot, I wanna kiss her” and all that. No. I’m not talking about lesbian way crushing. I’m talking about that when you just look at her and think how beautiful, amazing she is and how much you wanna be like her, how bad you’d want to meet her and tell her at least one sentence or have at least one look from her. You know that feeling? Well, I know, too. :)

So this Wednesday’s Woman Crush will be… Iggy Azalea! :) Can you even imagine how much I adore her? Since I first heard “Beat down”, a song where she was taking a part of, I just was like: “WOW, she looks like a freaking barbie doll but is rapping better like most of men rappers.”









I really, really think that she’s is amazing because only rare females can rap and very rare they can do it as well as Iggy does. What can I say? BRAVISSIMO! :) <3

About her looks… Damn, I love her hair! She looks like a doll with them, in a good way, of course. And yeah, I love her looks as much as her music.






















Actually, I don’t even remember when I became really, really big fan of hers. Probably after she released “Work”.

Here’s some pics of her and videos. If you still don’t love her, I hope you will now. <3

And if we’re talking about “Fancy”, I love that it’s so associated with “Clueless” because I love that movie. :) Just sayin’.

10401734_332944813519936_291854015_n 10358280_506244199504787_966236210_n



















And yeah, buy “The New Classic” on iTunes! Believe me, that album is amazing. :)

xoxo, Porcelain Doll.

Two movie 2014′s movie rewiews: “Walk of shame” and “Pefect sisters”

Hey, my dear followers! :) Hah, not even 24 hours passed and I’ve already watched two great movies. And… here’s the rewiews! :)

“Walk of shame”

I don’t know how in other countries but in my country this one was in cinema’s just last month. ;) But still… I found it. You’ll see the link after reading all my thoughts about this movie.

Even watching trailer, I just knew that I will love this movie and I really did. :) I couldn’t suggest any other actress who’d be better than Elizabeth Banks in this role. She’s blonde, fabolous and incredible funny. I could even imagine this situation happening in real life. Maybe not that dramatic but still. ;) And yep, James Marsden is still hot, believe me or not. :D I just adore him so, so, so much.

Actually the funniest thing I found in this movie that cats hate Megan Miles (Elizabeth Banks). In those scenes where cats were very angry seeing her and ready to attack, I just laughed so damn hard. :D So yeah, great comedy. Maybe not everyone can understand that humor but I could. Thumbs up! :)

Vote: 9/10

Just download U-torrent and then go here: http://yts.re.prx2.unblocksit.es/home

By the way in that site you can find a lot of new movies. :)


“Perfect sisters”

Okay, this is not a movie for you to laugh all your insides out. No. It’s called hooror but seriously, I doesn’t even look like a horror. I’d call it drama.

Abigail Breslin is very good in Sandra’s role but still, I love Georgie Henley in Beth’s role more. And as a character, I still like Beth more because she’s quiet but honest and she doesn’t act like everything will be okay if it won’t.

Best thing about this movie? It’s based on a true story. I love movies who are based on true events, it’s just… very interesting to watch them and imagine that real people were doing something like that and feeling something like I can see in the movie. Intriguing. Almost cried at the end of the movie. I think that what happened at the end wasn’t just fear.


Watch online here: http://www.movie4k.to/Perfect-Sisters-watch-movie-5274689.html

OR better support film makers and buy this in Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Perfect-Sisters-Abigail-Breslin/dp/B00IWLZLUS/ref=sr_1_1?s=movies-tv&ie=UTF8&qid=1402471963&sr=1-1&keywords=perfect+sisters OR buy it on iTunes. :)

RedBox link to “Perfect sisters” : http://www.redboxnewreleases.com/movies/perfect-sisters

That’s all. :)

xoxo, Porcelain Doll.


This day’s update and golden exercises: try ‘em & love ‘em

Hey. I’m back again. Having almost no friends to go out with and chat with totally sucks but that’s why I’m here more than usual. Feeling so lonely and tired. Today’s third day with no cutting. Decided to stop that shitty thing forever.  And my parents will help me, so yeah… I love them for that. <3 Two days ago my best guy friend said that maybe (just maybe!) he will go to that festival Positivus, too. And if he’s going, I am going and my mum will let me, that I could go with him and his friends. So yeah, if only we could, that would be so f*cking awesome. :) :)

But okay, enough about me. I wanted to create this post about exercises that I love and that really are effective. Let’s start!

  1. Crunches.I bet almost all people who are getting into shape, who are fitness addicts all that knows this one. It’s not hard to do this at all and it really helps. I’m not saying that you will have perfect abs by doing just this one but it’s good and it really works. Right now doing this 210 times every day but I started with 30 times or so. ;)http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xyd_fa5zoEU
  2. Wall squats. Amazing exercise! I just love it. Nothing much to explain. Just keep in mind – at first doing this is hard. When I started this, I barely could do this for 15 secs and even then my legs was hurting so much that I could scream. But keep doing and everything will be okay. Right now doing this 1 minute, two reps every day.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XULOKw4E4P4

So… That’s all. :D Sorry, I have only two favourite exercises. ;)

xoxo, Porcelain Doll.



I’m mis Nothing.

No hey, no intro and I don’t really give a fuck about it. There’s no readers for my blog anymore so I’m just expressing my fucked up emotions.

I was just thinking and thinking…. Why am I always nuber two? Why I’m always worse than someone? I’m not as beautiful as other girls, I’m not as smart as all other people, not as funny, not as cool. I suck. I’m hopeless and depressed. I feel like empty place to all world. When people get close to me, they mostly just use me and then go away. As long as I’m fine, they’re with me. When I feel bad, they leave. They don’t care about mis Nothing. They have their own lives but I… I don’t know what’s happening with my life. Sometimes it’s amazing and couldn’t be better but then I stay all alone and cry day by day in my room and try not to make my hands bleed. I cry but nothing gets better. I hate myself so much because I’ll never be someone special for someone. I’m not good enough, do you understand?

No one reads my blog, no one wants to listen to me when I’m depressed… No one listens me when I speak at all. I’m a loser. Only thing that keeps me going is hate that I feel for myself. As long as I’m alive, I still keep trying to be better and better just because I hate myself. Sometimes feelings like this for myself motivates me but sometimes they just…  make me feel more and more down. I desperatly want to talk to someone but no ones even there for me! No one cares! Life is such a stupid thing. I don’t see any normal reasons to keep living but I still live. :(

You know what else? Boys just suck. They always broke my fragile heart even more. They make me feel like a sucker. They make me feel lost without them. I’m slowly dying inside without them.

addiction broken hurtsgif killedgif thattrue

Your depressed, sad, useless and lonely Porcelain Doll.

“Plush” – dangerous, mystical and it totally blew my mind.

Hello, again. ;) Okay, I’m very, very dissapointed that no one really liked my last post. :( Because I think it was good and… yeah. But still I keep posting and hoping that you will fall in love with my blog even more. Dollshavehearts is still biggest blog that I’ve ever had. With the most post, the most followers and the coolest looking probably, too. So yeah… just understand that this is first experience in this way for me and I’m trying very, very hard. ;)

So in this day’s post we’re talking about… “Plush”! You still wonder what is it? A movie. So this is gonna be another movie rewiew after long, long times. ;)










So… it’s awesome movie. :) Of all movies with Emily Browning that I’ve seen, this is totally the best.  In this movie her acting is the best. Xavier is hot but also creepy.  But I love him a lot, too, haha. Music in movie was addicting.  Loved it.  All movie was like… full of sex and at the end – creepy and scary scenes, too.  But I loved it because in there was so much passion, danger and it was mystical. It’s not like most of movies who are full of R rated scenes but tells nothing.  Maybe not for others but for my taste this was like masterpiece.  It’s worth to watch it. ;)

Wait, haha. Just saw that is erotic thriller. :D And I watched this movie without even knowing it. Cool. :D

Movie trailer will tell almost all. :)

And here’s the best song of all movie’s soundtracks. :) The most addictive song ever. It just sound so… sexy and mystical, too. Blows my mind, can’t stop listening it. ;)

Where I watched it?

I downloaded uTorrent here: http://www.utorrent.com/ Personally I suggest uTorrent because it’s very good and easy to use. ;)

Then I went here: http://yts.re.prx2.unblocksit.es/movie/Plush_2013_1080p and pressed “Download Torrent” and then just opened it and started downloading the movie. ;)


That’s all for now, my dear followers! :)

xoxo, Porcelain Doll.


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Gentleman with a hint of Spark. Any Questions you would like answered email GentlemanSparks@Gmail.com with the subject #ASKGS


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