One Republic “Native” tour concert review

Hey, dear people! So one thing, the biggest thing in my life, that’s new is… I heard One Republic live yesterday! :) Yeah, they came to Riga. I was begging my parents for a really long time to buy tickets and they finally did it. Like a birthday gift for me, but with my own money. Whatever. These were the best 45 euros that I spent in my whole life because what I heard was just priceless. But let me begin from the very, very start.

So yesterday after school, we drove from Liepāja to Riga, which was more than 200 km’s away. When we finally got there, all parking places were full, except those for VIP people. That sucked. We were about 5 or 10 minutes late, but that didn’t really matter because there were one pretty bad rock group, playing before them. Have no idea, what was that but it sucked, in my opinion. It was really heavy and boring music. So, after that we should’ve waited for 40 minutes or so just randomly sitting there because we had no idea, when One Republic will start playing.

But when they started…. woah. It was breathtaking. Can’t even describe, how much I loved it. All songs sounded live about a thousand times better than on recordings. And I was just sitting there with my mouth wide open and thinking that I could listen to that amazing music my whole life. Also, I was thinking: “Damn, I would like to marry Ryan Tedder.” Yeah, I’m acting like a crazy fan girl, but I really fell in love with lyrics that he sang and how emotionally he did it. I felt the music like mine. It was… wow.

Isn’t he cute? Here’s a confession – I have a huge, fan girl like crush on him. <3

I clapped my hands until they started hurting and yelled until I could barely speak. Their live performance was incredible and they really deserved all applause they’ve got. And yep, I really went wild when they started playing “Love Runs Out” because, damn, that’s my jam!

And, ignoring the fact that I’m sad, because it all ended and they left, there are two good things about this. First one – my parents probably never ever saw me so happy. I totally broke the scale of my happiness, haha. :D And second thing is – THEY WILL BE BACK IN RIGA WHEN NEW ALBUM WILL COME OUT!!!

What can I say? I’m happy that I went there and heard them. Also it was so inspiring that I took my guitar and played two hours straight without any pauses. I really adore musicans that inspire me. And they don’t even have to be classical musicans. I think, some pop and rock musicans have got much more passion and love for what they do. Also they show song’s emotions on the stage very well which is pretty awesome. That’s what I learn from them. 

I guess, that’s all for now. :)

Don’t forget to hear One Republic live, xoxo, Porcelain Doll.

Dear diary, I feel confused and sad.

Hey. I put all hopes, that people still will follow and like this blog, away. I’m not here anymore, thinking what you would like and then posting it. Today I’m just using this as a damn diary or something.

 I remember, when I was little, like 8 or 9 years old, I started writing a diary. I was mostly about things that happen in school, my best friend and my silly childhood crushes. What could I even knew about love then? I only liked few guys because they were very good looking but in personality – total assholes. And when I discovered their”personality secrets”, I felt really pissed. But now, when tomorrow’s my sixteenth birthday, I understand that all that shit was nothing. It was stupid, silly nothing. How I understood that? Realizing that I finally like someone for who he really is.

I met him almost year ago. Not really met but started chatting with him. I had no idea, how he looks, how he acts in real life, nothing. I got to know that he was 21 years old then but I didn’t really care. It was just nice that I could talk to someone, who was really smart. With every day I got to know him better and better and I found out that he’s actually very funny, smart and really great guy. And he was unique. At least, in my eyes. He fascinated me for some reason that I never knew and I never got bored, talking with him. We could talk for hours about everything very honestly and we didn’t judge each other like people mostly do. I felt really comfortable talking with him. First time in my whole life I found someone that I could really trust for all 100% . It seemed like he understand like my mum should, cheered me up like a best friend and take care and calmed me down like my dad should. He said that I’m the closest person to him after his best friend. I could say the same, too.

First time we met at the beginning in this summer. He was already 22. I was nervous about what he will think of me, what I will think of him. I thought that maybe he’s really not what I expected him to be. But in the moment when we met, everything was okay. Even more than okay. He was very good looking and not at all different personality that I met online. I just couldn’t stop smiling, looking at him. For whole my life I kinda didn’t like guys because I found them silly, dumb and mean but he was… very different. Maybe it was hour, maybe less that I spent with him but… it was perfect. Hugging him was perfect.

Second time we met, I was still shy. We were talking about nothing and everything. Everything was fine. Talking with him, I feel like I’m in a different world. Better world. He’s still very unique person. In the way he talks, in the way he thinks even about the most simple things. It fascinates me a lot. He’s the most fascinating person I ever met. I never met someone like him and I think, that I never even will.

Looks like we’re bff’s. I never had a guy best friend. He’s first. He’s that sunshine that brings me out of depression I had after my grandparents death for years. He makes me smile no matter how bad day, week or month I had. Who cares? Talking with him just automatically brings big smile to my face and I feel like the happiest girl in the world just because he’s my best friend and he’s always there for me. He cares. He doesn’t let me cut anymore. Since the beginning of July I quit cutting. I would never did this without his help. My parents, my teachers, my best friend always told me that I should stop but I always went back to that. Now I am stronger because he made me like that. I would never regret that I met him .

Right now we’re not talking for more than a month. Not because we’re mad to each other. No. Maybe it’s our fault, maybe my parents’ . Who cares? I still feel… empty without him. I smile, I laugh but I don’t feel happy. He was my happiness. He made me feel special without even trying that. With every day going by, I miss him more and more and I understand that he was important to me. He was the person that I would like to keep in my life forever. No matter – as a friend or as something more – I just want to feel happy and special again. I want someone that would listen to me and understand me no matter what. I have many friends, I have my parents…. but it’s not like that. It’s too difficult. I just can’t tell them everything without fear of being judged. But I can tell him. Corection – I could.

It hurts when you know that nobody cares about your feelings and your thoughts. Nobody wants to listen you because you’re too boring for them, they don’t like you or they’re just too busy. Yep, that’s me – the weird loner who has no friends at the same time when I’m having many. You know what I mean. They’re like officially your friends but they’re not acting like that. They text you rarely or never, they never call you and talk to you only in school or something. They’re not persons you share your secrets with. They’re count as your friends but actually they’re empty place to you. That’s how I feel. And… if I could have him back in my life, I don’t need no one else.

I know, that this guy can be really annoying when he gets upset about little things, I know that he can piss me off when he’s sad and I can do nothing about it. But… I don’t care. Nobody’s perfect and he’s not an exception. I just want to be there for him no matter what. I just want to be the person that unexpectedly hugs him, brings smile to his face in saddest moment and talks to him whole night. You know why? I love him. Still not sure – as a friend or more but he has special place in my heart from the very, very start. It’s not a coincidence that he wrote to me that day eleven months ago. I believe that everything happens for a reason.

xoxo, Porcelain Doll.

What’s new on the Net?

Hey, lovely people. I’m home all this week and today I’m gonna post about some new stuff that I discovered in the interent just now. Let’s start!

  • Let’s start with music. Maybe many of you still don’t know but there’s this new singer Melanie Martinez, who became popular, thanks to the show “Voice” and just week ago her video of song “Carousel” has came out. I found her about two months ago – because of curiousity clicked on “Dollhouse” music video and just fell in love with her. So here’s “Carousel” – one more amazing song of hers. Don”t be fooled by her doll-like looks, she really has tallent. :)

  • Just today I found new youtube channel. It’s called LeendaDProductions . :) This Asian youtuber Leenda is making funny videos and at least some of them I really enjoyed. Take a look! :)

  • And here’s some news about one more Barbie doll in real life. Okay, maybe not really Barbie doll because Barbie sure looks much prettier than her. And you know, what’s the biggest shame of all this? This “woman” Victoria Wild (That’s not even Latvian name, dang!) cames from Latvia, the country I came from, too. Seriously, is she trying to show that Latvians are in that low level, too? Everything that she did with her face and body looks just disgusting. How dumb you should feel to do all these plastic surgeries to become popular? And how dumb you should be that you look sexy with big fake a boobs, very skinny legs and fake lips??? Seeing this just makes me mad. I think she has ashamed all Latvians.

P.S. Before doing all that shit, she was actually pretty, wasn’t she? (Except those thin eyebrows, doh.)

  • Things you should never say to a social phobic. This video is just great because I can completely agree with everything she says and it’s really true. Just discovered that looks like I’m a social phobic.

Note: Social anxiety disorder, also known as social phobia, involves intense fear of certain social situations—especially situations that are unfamiliar or in which you feel you’ll be watched or evaluated by others.

Underlying social anxiety disorder or social phobia is the fear of being scrutinized, judged, or embarrassed in public. You may be afraid that people will think badly of you or that you won’t measure up in comparison to others. And even though you probably realize that your fears of being judged are at least somewhat irrational and overblown, you still can’t help feeling anxious.

So, I guess, that’s all for now. :) Have a nice day!

xoxo, Porcelain Doll.

“Nurse 3D” movie review

Hey, cool people! I was very busy at school and too tired out of it to write, but today it’s Friday – short day in school so I somehow found a time to write here. ;) Enjoy GIF’s from movie. :)

Last days I’ve been searching for some good movies and watching them. Most of them were okay, but then accidentally I ran on some interesting movie trailer. Searching for “erotic thrillers”, I found “Nurse 3D”. (Actually, it’s more erotic horror or something.) Already in first time watching the trailer, I found it very fascinating. I’m  very into movies where is a lot of erotic things, but also murders and/or crimes, too. It just wakes up my interest and I can watch a movie with my mouth wide open. Until this one, I’ve seen just one movie that fascinated me very, very much and it was “Plush”. That one was with few dead bodies and one murder, and also with few sex scenes, too. (Sadly, no one got naked in there. Ha-ha, I’m such a pervert and I can do nothing about it. :D) I watched it 3 times and still loved it.

But okay – back to “Nurse 3D”. The reason, why I clicked on this movie’s trailer actually was pretty blonde Katrina Bowden. During the movies she wasn’t as half fascinating as Paz de la Huerta. What goes Paz – at first I thought: “Why is she chosen for main role, if she isn’t even pretty?” But watching the movie, I found out that she’s much more charismatic than Karina. Or maybe it’s just because of their characters, who knows. Still – I was just in love with her acting and everything in every second watching this movie. Whatever – Paz de la Huerta has been just brilliant in this movie. Couldn’t ignore the fact that she has an amazing body (That ass!!! Great motivation to workout right now! :D) and her acting… Damn, it’s hard to describe, you need to see it!

Some men would really deserve this. Seriously.

About storyline… I couldn’t fully understand, why Paz’s character was acting so weird, but the movie is brilliant. It keeps attention from first to last second. You really can’t be bored watching this. “Nurse 3D” isn’t just another dumb, cheap horror movie. It’s some kind of masterpiece. Of course, many of you will never understand, what’s so good in this movie and I can’t really explain it to you. If you don’t get it, then you just don’t get it. The end of the story. But to those, who understand – high five, we’re on the same wave.

Some warnings. Just saying – if you can’t stand some lesbian scenes, don’t want to see naked bodies or parts of them and see scenes of very bloody murdering – this movie is not for you! I’m not the person, who loves bloody horrors, too but this… I don’t know – because of some weird reason I just fell in love with this movie.


Here’s the trailer. Full movie you can pretty easily find online. :)

And here’s two soundtracks.

P.S. I have some weird obsession with movies where the main character is sexy, badass woman, who kills men. It just fascinates me, how women can let men do, what she wants and how weak, comparing to her, they really are. I know, you may think that I’m weird, but my experience with boys wasn’t really the best one. They always hurt me. Mostly they were just my ex-classmates, who bullied me, but also they were few my friends – guys that just left.

P.S. no 2. And now I’m pretty sure that you think I’m a pervert. Don’t deny it, I know that you think about me that. Okay, well, I really am. I’m not watching porn or something, I just enjoy movies like this one because those sexy scenes spice up the movie and make it more interesting. ;)

My favourite GIF. xD Damn, how can I get butt like hers??

That’s all for now. Just watch that movie RIGHT NOW! :)

Paradise on earth or I really adore Monaco

Hey, my dear followers. I’m really sorry that I was posting nothing for such a long time. Forgive me, please. School trip that lasted 12 days, totally took all my energy and time. But you know, what’s the good news? I can show you some pictures and see some places and things that I saw while traveling.

There were many countries and many towns so I guess, I can’t put everything in one post. I’ll just start with the country that I liked the most. And now, what do you think which it is?

Of course, Monako!


If you still didn’t believe me then this pictures proves everything. :D Yep, that’s the beutiful castle you’ve probably heard about.


This photo is taken from the bus so yeah… not the best quality but wiew was amazing,


Whoops. I really love this car so I just couldn’t ignore it and not take photo of it. It’s totally one of my dream cars. <3 Many of my schoolmates said that it’s pretty annoying for them to see that in this country everybody seems so happy, rich and are driving expensive cars. So? I wasn’t even jealous to those rich people, I was glad that I can take a look in this beutiful place where everyone and everything looks so good. Ahh… <3

DSCF4724 DSCF4734 DSCF4737 DSCF4742 DSCF4743 DSCF4744 DSCF4745 DSCF4748DSCF4749  DSCF4750 DSCF4752 DSCF4758  DSCF4761 DSCF4762 DSCF4763 DSCF4764 DSCF4766 DSCF4824 DSCF4830 DSCF4831 DSCF4832 DSCF4833 DSCF4840 DSCF4842 DSCF4845

DSCF4846 DSCF4848 DSCF4849 DSCF4850 DSCF4852 DSCF4853 DSCF4854 DSCF4855 DSCF4860


That’s the famous Monte Carlo casino.

Sorry, I suck at writing captions. :D But still I really adore Monaco. And one thing that I can’t stop repeating about it is: “I want to have my wedding here.”

Because seriously, this place looks so calm and beutiful and… it’s just like a paradise to me. Everything in there just seems so perfect to me. If I would say that I love it, I would say nothing. <3

So yeah, if you have a dream to visit world’s most beautiful places, don’t you dare to miss Monaco. You gotta see everything – Monte Carlo casino, cool souvenier shops, people and totally everything.

xoxo, Porcelain Doll.

Kissing, sex and all that stuff…

Hey, my dear followers. I’m so, so, so sorry that I let you down and posted nothing in here for so long. :( School took all my energy and time, and I just have no time to blog. High school is pretty serious thing and it takes most of your time, except that for sleeping and eating. So, whatevs, I’m here with short post but still… it’s a post. Yay! :P

Actually, I can say that my favourite subjcts to talk about are – boys, relationship and sex. If you ask if I’m pervert or something then I can honestly say – yes, I am. Who said that virgins can’t be pervert and naughty? So, I’m still not gonna lose my v-card, at least not few months or so. I don’t know. But it’s simple truth that if you’re sixteen or younger and still a vigin – you really should be proud of yourself. Because girls, who lost their v-cards in very young age, mostly done it in one night stands and totally drunk. Is that what you really want? Have your first time with some drunk guy, who cares only about his own pleasure and will never want to meet you again after this night? I bet, you just answered “no”. Thumbs up for your choice. :)

So now we can continue with some tips and my own experience. Shit, I never thought that I will share my opinion and experience with you. :D But whatever,here I am, doing it.So here’s a little list of things that I kind of learned. It’s not like all this works and happens 100% of these situations  but it… happens.

P.S. You may thing that some of these tips are for perverts, I know. xD But if you don’t want to -just don’ttry that. :)

  • Never be scared of kissing someone. Seriously, this isn’t that big deal. Most of people probably aren’t that good kissers so don’t stress about it. Besides – if you don’t train, you will never learn,how to do it right. ;)
  • I don’t know, does it really happen with all guys but at many of them can really get turned on, if you’re like super close to him, when you’re kissing him. As close as possible.
  • One more turn on iswhen you put your hand on his.. yeah, you know where. Not recommended, if that’s your first kiss and you don’t feel 100% free with him. For some guys this is really big tunr on but some guys it can only shock and scare away.
  • Don’t be afraid to use your tongue. Seriously -what could be better than long, nice French kiss?
  • Maybe this can’t happen in every situation but when you are having those passionate, wild kiss, it pretty hot if guy is touching your breasts. Just opinion of very perverted girl. xD

So that’s all for now. :) Sorry, if this post,in your opinion,sucks. Before I go, here’s one question…

If girl is a virgin but she’s regularly doing naughty things (like kissing, handjobs, blowjobs and etc.) with someone (only one person) with who she isn’t together, is she a slut?

My answer would be: “No, she isn’t.” but comment down there your answer. I really, really want to know what you think about that! :)

xoxo, Porcelain Doll.

“Fault in our stars” rewiew.

Hey, dear people! Sorry for being away such a long time. School takes all my time and energy and mentally I already feel dead so… Forgive me for not posting a while.

Today I’m gonna write about… “Fault in our stars”! Yes, I do know that probably everyone, who has seen this movie and who has a heart, loved it. Seriously. When I saw the trailer, I thought: ‘”Oh, this is gonna be another one cliche romantic movie, blah blah blah…” But then I finally found it yesterday online in a very good quality and watched it. All my expectations were crashed about this movie. I thought, I will give it not more than 4 from 10 in my movie rating scale. But actually, I give 10 and if I could give more, I would. Why? Because this is not just another romantic movie, who says nothing about real love, about love that we can see in real life. 

I’m not really sure, if it’s true but I’d like to say that I’m totally not the most romantic girl in whole world. Not even close. I don’t think that buying your girlfriend flowers and saying cliche things in the most beautiful you can do. Nah. Not at all. All romantic stuff for me mostly is just “LEH!”. But this… love between Gus and Hazel, even being on screen, seemed so real. They really made it seem real. No other movie made me cry so much and touched my heart that much. First time I cried for real when Gus was taken to the hospital and second time – when he died. I just wondered, how I would feel in Hazel’s place and all that. 

But, enough now for sad moments. Do you know, what I think was just amazing in this movie? Which moments took my breath away? I’m not gonna mention all of them but that moment, when Hazel kissed Gus for the first time was just… wow. I wan’t this mind blowing kiss in my life, too. What else? Then I found it pretty funny when Isaac and his girlfriend was standing on the street and repeating to each other: “Always.” That’s just too cliche for me. Also that moment, when Gus and Hazel took Isaac to his ex-girlfriend’s house and let him throw eggs at her car. That was funny for me. And the most beutiful moment for me was, when Gus was dead and Hazel finally red his letter. It was so… sweet. It’s just amazing to realize, that in this world really are people, who can love each other like that. If someone still doesn’t believe in the existance of love, I think, this movie really shows that love does exist. Isn’t it amazing and beautiful? :)

Watching this movie I really went through many emotions. I was smiling, I was laughing, watching and wanting to yell: “Aww, they are soooo cute!” and crying. This one is totally amazing movie, It’s not cliche, it’s not about sex and all stuff (like many other so called “romantic movies” in nowadays) and whole story could really happen in real life. :)

So, if you still haven’t seen “Fault in our stars”, don’t be lazy and watching. It is really golden movie not some cheap crap. :)

Have a nice morning/day/night!

xoxo, Porcelain Doll.

Dollspiration and faking perfection.

Hey, pretty people! :) If you still wonder, what means that word in title, it’s just dolls + inspiration = dollspiration. I bet no one ever used this word ever.

I would never say that I have some weird obsession with dolls because I don’t think I have. I just like to compare some people to dolls. During or lives we learn that we can’t always trust everyone, we can’t always show or true emotions and even tell the truth. I we will do it always, people will break us because in nowadays there are humans but no humanity. So we just need to put fake smiles on our faces, dry our tears and act like we’re perfect, feelless creatures like dolls. Like I already mentioned in , in nowadays women are pushed to be perfect. There are created so many stereotypes about how perfect women should look and we blindly follow them. Why? Maybe because we feel too much judged by others, maybe we can’t have great job or have perfect man. If you, women, only knew that there are NO perfect men in this world and woman can be happy without man, too.

Most of these pictures you can see girls that really became living dolls. Of course, it is pretty fascinating, what girl can do with her looks but… somehow it’s pretty sick. Dolls from one side actually are silly creatures that embody too much unnatural perfection that normal, natural women will never have. 

Here’s the song that inspired me to create this post. Isn’t Melanie Martinez amazing? I love this song so much. <3

You know what? When I just started writing this post, I was like: “Umm, I’m gonna create one cool post about beautiful girls that look like dolls and that I really adore them.” But the I realized that life of a living doll only looks beautiful. Actually most of these girls are sick physically and emotionally, They think that looking like a doll is amazing but trying to reach their goal, they probably have serious health problems because many of them are way too skinny. And using much make up isn”t the best thing that you can do for your skin.

So really – screw dolls! You are a woman, not a doll. If someone doesn’t like yourbody, face or personality – screw him! The most important for you is to like yourself, first. Amen to some parts of this song’s lyrics. 

Like Kurt Cobain said: “I’d rather be hated for who I am than loved for who I am not.” So don’t try to be who you are not. 

P.S. I’m sorry if this post is kinda messy. It’s all because I’m having mess in my mind.


xoxo, Porcelain Doll.




My thoughts about VMA’s 2014

Hey, I’m here again and today I’m gonna talk about VMA’s. I live in Europe, concretely in Latvia so I was’t one of those people, who watched VMA’s live or online. Honestly, I even had no idea that there were VMA’s until the moment when I saw famous youtuber’s Superwoman’s video about them. So yeah, right after watching her video, I searched for full VMA’s video and, believe me or not, I found it on youtube, even on HD.

Here it is but I’m not sure, will it be available later, too.

So here’s my rewiew about every single performance. Let’s start!

Ariana Grande – Break free. Personally, I like Ariana but this really isn’t her best song at all. Despite that – performance wasn’t bad at all. Nothing suprising and nothing that makes you watch it with your mouth wide open but not bad.

Nicki Minaj – Anaconda. When I first heard this song and it’s music video wasn’t out yet, Ithought that it’s pretty catchy and I liked it. For some time I just couldn’t stop listening to it. But when I first saw “Anaconda” ‘s music video, I was shocked, And totally not in a good way, This wasn’t Nicki Minaj that I used to like but some (I’m sorry for being rude) slutty looking woman, shaking her way too big ass and twerking, I know that popstars’ videos very ften can be shocking but this was just too much and totally ruined every good thought about her as a musican. Because seriously, there is no music, there is just something pretty similar to porn. 

So, finally talking about “Anaconda” ‘s VMA performance, it wasn’t much better than fucked up music video. Still slutty clothes and twerking, and pervert moves.

Before I talk about next performance, I just want to mention that twerking that Miley did in VMA’s 2013 was a bit shocking but fun and still acceptable. But twerking that Nicki did… It was a very big NO. That wasn’t well done.


Jessie J, Ariana Grande & Nicki Minaj – Bang bang. This performance was good. I wanted to see something that will make my eyes widen in suprise and excitement but nothing like that happened. Still, Jessie J in her solo parts showed her amazing voice and Ariana was pretty good, too. If we’re talking about Nicki Minaj, everything was okay… except that half opened dress. For me it just looked like it was done on purpose but no one, except her, knows, why it was like that. Still – I didn’t look good at all.

Taylor Swift – Shake it off. I really couldn” choose, who is my favourite performance at VMA’s 2014 but… this was one of those three performances that I liked the best. That song “Shake it off” itself is amazing and if that’s new era of Taylor – I honestly can say that I love it. Her performance was very bold and that moment when she said, that she’s not jumping, was really funny. Seems like right now I’m such a big fan of hers (so called Swiftie, right?) and it means, if you are gonna something bad about her, I’m seriously gonna punch you in the face. I used to likeTaylor few years ago, too but the truth is that she and her music with years is getting only better and better, Bravissimo, Tay! <3

Sam Smith – Stay with me. We all already know amazingly tallented Sam, his deep voice and this song, too. So I can describe his performance only in one word – brilliant. 

Usher – …. I seriously have no idea, what’s the name of song that he was performing and I don’t even want to know. In my opinion, performance was pretty boring. Nothing to say: “Wow!” about,

5 seconds of summer – Amnesia. Beautiful. It is really no secret that they are great live performers. Woohoo!

Iggy Azalea & Rita Ora – Black widow. Is it only me or Iggy Azalea gets only better and better? This song itself with Rita Ora was such a great idea but performing it live… it was brilliant! I can’t even explain, how much I love both of them, how much I love this song and this performance, too! Perfection! <3

Maroon 5 – Maps & One more night. I’m too lazy to comment this performance a lot. When these songs wasn’t so many times played in radio stations,I used to love them. But still, this was good performance. Maroon 5 is something that I could include in classics list or something. Because it’s classics for me.

Beyonce. I loved whole her performance. And it’s great that she isn” one of those artists, who dresses slutty. She’s already one of the queens in pop music, so she don’t need to wear something very shocking to keep people attention. Brilliant, like always. <3


So, now you may say: “Okay, you told, what you think about every performance. But who’s your favourite then?”

The truth is that I couldn’t choose one favourite from all those performances. I’m gonna judge them not by the way, how much I like this artists but how good was this concrete performance. So here’s is my top 3 of 2014 VMA’s. 

  1. Taylor Swift – Shake it off

  2. Iggy Azalea & Rita Ora – Black widow

  3. Sam Smith – Stay with me

So here you go, my dear followers! Watch it and let me know, what you think of VMA 2014 and which were your favourite performers!

xoxo, Porcelain Doll.



One small truth about getting in perfect shape and my fitness progress.

Hey, I’m here again. :) When I created this blog, I could never imagine that it will have so many followers. You are 97 already! Thanks, you’re the best.

So today I am gonna talk about fitness and getting in perfect shape, and also my fitness progress a bit, too. Sorry that it’s not big post but whatever, I’m posting and trying to not let you down.

Almost every day magazines, blogs and websites we see titles like: “How to get your summer body fast”, “How to get get fit for summer” and other pretty similar ones. But you know what? If you’re the one, who wants to get in shape for summer, I’m almost sure that you will fail. Why? Because you’ve been fat or out of shape for all other seasons and probably even many years if not your whole life. What you will do? Get fat in autumn, winter and when spring comes, try to get fit for summer fast? The truth is that it won’t work. You will just feel bad about your shape, not get any results or they won’t last long. If you’re still asking: “Why?”, my answer is: “Because you don’t need to get in shape for summer but for the rest of your life.”

And how’s my progress right now? Here it is. I’m working already 14 months without big breaks. There are days when I feel too sad or too tired but I still don’t stop. I’m happy that I’m having better body than ever. After work out I’m always happy that I didn’t skip that day and my body is getting more and more beutiful.





So, that’s me and my progress. Why I am posting this in here? To motivate you to work with your body and be in your best shape and live healthy. It’s sad that so many teenage girls decide to starve themselves and not work out insted of eating enough, healthy and working out. I still weigh about 60 kg BUT I’m happy. And remember that they’re not kg’s that matter but your girth, how many cm’s you have on your waist, hips and etc.

Here’s a little, fresh motivational playlist for your workouts! :)


That’s all for now. ;)


xoxo, Porcelain Doll.

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