“Fault in our stars” rewiew.

Hey, dear people! Sorry for being away such a long time. School takes all my time and energy and mentally I already feel dead so… Forgive me for not posting a while.

Today I’m gonna write about… “Fault in our stars”! Yes, I do know that probably everyone, who has seen this movie and who has a heart, loved it. Seriously. When I saw the trailer, I thought: ‘”Oh, this is gonna be another one cliche romantic movie, blah blah blah…” But then I finally found it yesterday online in a very good quality and watched it. All my expectations were crashed about this movie. I thought, I will give it not more than 4 from 10 in my movie rating scale. But actually, I give 10 and if I could give more, I would. Why? Because this is not just another romantic movie, who says nothing about real love, about love that we can see in real life. 

I’m not really sure, if it’s true but I’d like to say that I’m totally not the most romantic girl in whole world. Not even close. I don’t think that buying your girlfriend flowers and saying cliche things in the most beautiful you can do. Nah. Not at all. All romantic stuff for me mostly is just “LEH!”. But this… love between Gus and Hazel, even being on screen, seemed so real. They really made it seem real. No other movie made me cry so much and touched my heart that much. First time I cried for real when Gus was taken to the hospital and second time – when he died. I just wondered, how I would feel in Hazel’s place and all that. 

But, enough now for sad moments. Do you know, what I think was just amazing in this movie? Which moments took my breath away? I’m not gonna mention all of them but that moment, when Hazel kissed Gus for the first time was just… wow. I wan’t this mind blowing kiss in my life, too. What else? Then I found it pretty funny when Isaac and his girlfriend was standing on the street and repeating to each other: “Always.” That’s just too cliche for me. Also that moment, when Gus and Hazel took Isaac to his ex-girlfriend’s house and let him throw eggs at her car. That was funny for me. And the most beutiful moment for me was, when Gus was dead and Hazel finally red his letter. It was so… sweet. It’s just amazing to realize, that in this world really are people, who can love each other like that. If someone still doesn’t believe in the existance of love, I think, this movie really shows that love does exist. Isn’t it amazing and beautiful? :)

Watching this movie I really went through many emotions. I was smiling, I was laughing, watching and wanting to yell: “Aww, they are soooo cute!” and crying. This one is totally amazing movie, It’s not cliche, it’s not about sex and all stuff (like many other so called “romantic movies” in nowadays) and whole story could really happen in real life. :)

So, if you still haven’t seen “Fault in our stars”, don’t be lazy and watching. It is really golden movie not some cheap crap. :)

Have a nice morning/day/night!

xoxo, Porcelain Doll.

Dollspiration and faking perfection.

Hey, pretty people! :) If you still wonder, what means that word in title, it’s just dolls + inspiration = dollspiration. I bet no one ever used this word ever.

I would never say that I have some weird obsession with dolls because I don’t think I have. I just like to compare some people to dolls. During or lives we learn that we can’t always trust everyone, we can’t always show or true emotions and even tell the truth. I we will do it always, people will break us because in nowadays there are humans but no humanity. So we just need to put fake smiles on our faces, dry our tears and act like we’re perfect, feelless creatures like dolls. Like I already mentioned in http://dollshavehearts.wordpress.com/2014/08/18/from-simple-teenage-girl-to-all-girls-and-women-in-this-world/ , in nowadays women are pushed to be perfect. There are created so many stereotypes about how perfect women should look and we blindly follow them. Why? Maybe because we feel too much judged by others, maybe we can’t have great job or have perfect man. If you, women, only knew that there are NO perfect men in this world and woman can be happy without man, too.

Most of these pictures you can see girls that really became living dolls. Of course, it is pretty fascinating, what girl can do with her looks but… somehow it’s pretty sick. Dolls from one side actually are silly creatures that embody too much unnatural perfection that normal, natural women will never have. 

Here’s the song that inspired me to create this post. Isn’t Melanie Martinez amazing? I love this song so much. <3

You know what? When I just started writing this post, I was like: “Umm, I’m gonna create one cool post about beautiful girls that look like dolls and that I really adore them.” But the I realized that life of a living doll only looks beautiful. Actually most of these girls are sick physically and emotionally, They think that looking like a doll is amazing but trying to reach their goal, they probably have serious health problems because many of them are way too skinny. And using much make up isn”t the best thing that you can do for your skin.

So really – screw dolls! You are a woman, not a doll. If someone doesn’t like yourbody, face or personality – screw him! The most important for you is to like yourself, first. Amen to some parts of this song’s lyrics. 

Like Kurt Cobain said: “I’d rather be hated for who I am than loved for who I am not.” So don’t try to be who you are not. 

P.S. I’m sorry if this post is kinda messy. It’s all because I’m having mess in my mind.


xoxo, Porcelain Doll.




My thoughts about VMA’s 2014

Hey, I’m here again and today I’m gonna talk about VMA’s. I live in Europe, concretely in Latvia so I was’t one of those people, who watched VMA’s live or online. Honestly, I even had no idea that there were VMA’s until the moment when I saw famous youtuber’s Superwoman’s video about them. So yeah, right after watching her video, I searched for full VMA’s video and, believe me or not, I found it on youtube, even on HD.

Here it is but I’m not sure, will it be available later, too.


So here’s my rewiew about every single performance. Let’s start!

Ariana Grande – Break free. Personally, I like Ariana but this really isn’t her best song at all. Despite that – performance wasn’t bad at all. Nothing suprising and nothing that makes you watch it with your mouth wide open but not bad.

Nicki Minaj – Anaconda. When I first heard this song and it’s music video wasn’t out yet, Ithought that it’s pretty catchy and I liked it. For some time I just couldn’t stop listening to it. But when I first saw “Anaconda” ‘s music video, I was shocked, And totally not in a good way, This wasn’t Nicki Minaj that I used to like but some (I’m sorry for being rude) slutty looking woman, shaking her way too big ass and twerking, I know that popstars’ videos very ften can be shocking but this was just too much and totally ruined every good thought about her as a musican. Because seriously, there is no music, there is just something pretty similar to porn. 

So, finally talking about “Anaconda” ‘s VMA performance, it wasn’t much better than fucked up music video. Still slutty clothes and twerking, and pervert moves.

Before I talk about next performance, I just want to mention that twerking that Miley did in VMA’s 2013 was a bit shocking but fun and still acceptable. But twerking that Nicki did… It was a very big NO. That wasn’t well done.


Jessie J, Ariana Grande & Nicki Minaj – Bang bang. This performance was good. I wanted to see something that will make my eyes widen in suprise and excitement but nothing like that happened. Still, Jessie J in her solo parts showed her amazing voice and Ariana was pretty good, too. If we’re talking about Nicki Minaj, everything was okay… except that half opened dress. For me it just looked like it was done on purpose but no one, except her, knows, why it was like that. Still – I didn’t look good at all.

Taylor Swift – Shake it off. I really couldn” choose, who is my favourite performance at VMA’s 2014 but… this was one of those three performances that I liked the best. That song “Shake it off” itself is amazing and if that’s new era of Taylor – I honestly can say that I love it. Her performance was very bold and that moment when she said, that she’s not jumping, was really funny. Seems like right now I’m such a big fan of hers (so called Swiftie, right?) and it means, if you are gonna something bad about her, I’m seriously gonna punch you in the face. I used to likeTaylor few years ago, too but the truth is that she and her music with years is getting only better and better, Bravissimo, Tay! <3

Sam Smith – Stay with me. We all already know amazingly tallented Sam, his deep voice and this song, too. So I can describe his performance only in one word – brilliant. 

Usher – …. I seriously have no idea, what’s the name of song that he was performing and I don’t even want to know. In my opinion, performance was pretty boring. Nothing to say: “Wow!” about,

5 seconds of summer – Amnesia. Beautiful. It is really no secret that they are great live performers. Woohoo!

Iggy Azalea & Rita Ora – Black widow. Is it only me or Iggy Azalea gets only better and better? This song itself with Rita Ora was such a great idea but performing it live… it was brilliant! I can’t even explain, how much I love both of them, how much I love this song and this performance, too! Perfection! <3

Maroon 5 – Maps & One more night. I’m too lazy to comment this performance a lot. When these songs wasn’t so many times played in radio stations,I used to love them. But still, this was good performance. Maroon 5 is something that I could include in classics list or something. Because it’s classics for me.

Beyonce. I loved whole her performance. And it’s great that she isn” one of those artists, who dresses slutty. She’s already one of the queens in pop music, so she don’t need to wear something very shocking to keep people attention. Brilliant, like always. <3


So, now you may say: “Okay, you told, what you think about every performance. But who’s your favourite then?”

The truth is that I couldn’t choose one favourite from all those performances. I’m gonna judge them not by the way, how much I like this artists but how good was this concrete performance. So here’s is my top 3 of 2014 VMA’s. 

  1. Taylor Swift – Shake it off

  2. Iggy Azalea & Rita Ora – Black widow

  3. Sam Smith – Stay with me

So here you go, my dear followers! Watch it and let me know, what you think of VMA 2014 and which were your favourite performers!

xoxo, Porcelain Doll.



One small truth about getting in perfect shape and my fitness progress.

Hey, I’m here again. :) When I created this blog, I could never imagine that it will have so many followers. You are 97 already! Thanks, you’re the best.

So today I am gonna talk about fitness and getting in perfect shape, and also my fitness progress a bit, too. Sorry that it’s not big post but whatever, I’m posting and trying to not let you down.

Almost every day magazines, blogs and websites we see titles like: “How to get your summer body fast”, “How to get get fit for summer” and other pretty similar ones. But you know what? If you’re the one, who wants to get in shape for summer, I’m almost sure that you will fail. Why? Because you’ve been fat or out of shape for all other seasons and probably even many years if not your whole life. What you will do? Get fat in autumn, winter and when spring comes, try to get fit for summer fast? The truth is that it won’t work. You will just feel bad about your shape, not get any results or they won’t last long. If you’re still asking: “Why?”, my answer is: “Because you don’t need to get in shape for summer but for the rest of your life.”

And how’s my progress right now? Here it is. I’m working already 14 months without big breaks. There are days when I feel too sad or too tired but I still don’t stop. I’m happy that I’m having better body than ever. After work out I’m always happy that I didn’t skip that day and my body is getting more and more beutiful.





So, that’s me and my progress. Why I am posting this in here? To motivate you to work with your body and be in your best shape and live healthy. It’s sad that so many teenage girls decide to starve themselves and not work out insted of eating enough, healthy and working out. I still weigh about 60 kg BUT I’m happy. And remember that they’re not kg’s that matter but your girth, how many cm’s you have on your waist, hips and etc.

Here’s a little, fresh motivational playlist for your workouts! :)


That’s all for now. ;)


xoxo, Porcelain Doll.

From simple teenage girl to all girls and women in this world.

Hey, my dear people, I’m here again! :) Today I feel pretty inspired and great, and I’m here because I really don’t want to let you down again with not posting here. It means much to me that I see you in here, reading my posts, liking them and following me. It mades my day. I feel happy to express myself in here and see that you agree with me.

So today I’m just gonna talk about… us, women. You may ask: “What’s here to talk about them?” And I can say that I just have few more words to say about women and about being one of them. I just want to remind you one thing. This post isn’t sexistic and I’m not trying to say that women are better than men or opposite. I stand up for equality. Most of men can think that “pff, what there? It’s much easier to be a woman than a man”. But… actually being women isn’t really easy. And I’m not talking only about periods and pregnancy. We all know that’s serious but people already talked about that enough. Now I’m gonna talk about emotional pressure to women.

It’s 21st century and the hardest questions to answer is: “Who is perfect woman? How perfect woman acts? How she looks?” On TV and all media we can see celebrities – seemingly perfect creatures with perfect breast size, no acne, long legs and great hair. Thinking that they are completely happy and their lives are perfect, we only fool ourselves. I don’t know, how it works in our thoughts but somehow we tell ourselves that they are perfect women and that we should be just like them. That’s first thing what breaks us and it depends only of us – we tell ourselves that we are terrible looking and they are perfect. And it makes us feel bad because we won’t look like them. We are first ones, who make ourselves bad because we tell ourselves those lies about perfect woman image. Stop that. Hating yourself is completely unacceptable. You need to love yourself. And by telling that you need to love yourself, I don’t mean, for example, if you weigh more than you should, just keep living and gaining more fat. No. Don’t be afraid to change something that you don’t like in yourself BUT don’t hate yourself because you don’t have nice abs (yet!) or your skin isn’t perfect. Love yourself and change something at the same time.

We really should throw away stupid stereotypes about perfect women and love our bodies. Seriously! You’re not happy with your small breasts? Oh, some women don’t have breasts at all! And, talking about breasts, look at Aubrey Plaza for example! Yeah, the girl from movie “The to do list”. Does she have big breasts? No! Does she look gorgeous? Absolutely yes! Same goes with Selena Gomez and hottie from “Clueless” – Alicia Silverstone!

One more example. You’re looking through all those stupid fashion magazines and moaning that you don’t have a tigh gap like those models and you will never have one. Stop it! Beautiful Scarlett Johansson, Katy Perry and Jennifer Lopez aren’t having one, too! Does it stop them from looking hot! No! Anorexic models aren’t beautiful, they’re just sick. You don’t need to look unhealthy like they do.

So here you are. Celebrieties aren’t as skinny as you think. Most of them look like normal women. Don’t ever open fashion magazines, don’t wish for tigh gap or breasts like Angelina Jollie has! You are beautiful just being, who you are. But if you don’t have, for example, perfect abs – create them! It’s not that hard to make your body look at it’s best!


That’s all for now. Writing this made even me feel better because, believe me, I’m not having big breasts and tigh gap, too. And we don’t need those things, right? We still can rock the world!


xoxo, Porcelain Doll.

God’s not dead

Hey, my dear followers! :) For me it already feels like I haven’t been posting about month but of course, it’s not like that. So last night I found great topic to write about.

Since I was born, I’ve always been a Christian. Technically. My parents are Christians, too but we’re not that family, who goes to church every Sunday and prays all the time. Dad never does it but mum… sometimes she’s praying a lot but it happens rarely. And me… I’ve always prayed only then, when I lost my hope because somehow I didn’t see a need to pray more often. So I am a Christian but I rarely acted like one and now I’m ashamed of it.

There are many things in this world that shakes our believing in God very much. In 21st century to be a Christian maybe didn’t count as something cool because, for example, most of teenagers don’t believe in God. And I can answer to your question, why they don’t believe in God. When we, those who were raised as Christians, we believed in God, someone more, someone less but we did because our parents said that God exists and he’ll always hear us. So we prayed, when we had hard times and we felt hopeless. As long as God helped to ease our suffering, we believed. But then came one moment when we asked for something, for example, we asked to God: “Please, help my grandmother feel better and don’t let her die yet.” But God said no and she died. And then we stopped believing because we thought that no one listens and no one cares. That’s what we thought because we didn’t hear that he said no.

People always ask: “If God exists, why he let’s exist evil and all the bad things?” And the answer is – he let’s the evil exist because one day those, who truly love him, will be freed from suffering and evil. He probably let’s us to suffer because after it, there will be something better for us.

For a long time I didn’t understand these things and I thought that believing in God is just something that old women do. I thought that God’s like a big judge and everytime we do something wrong, he will let us suffer. But that’s wrong and now I understand it. I never red a bible, maybe I know just fragments of it but still I’m a Christian and it doesn’t ruin my believing in God.

Last night I watched a movie “God’s not dead”.  Before watching it, I had many questions about believing in God but after watching it I had none. I understood every single thing. I just was watching this movie and crying almost all the time. Everything that I saw and that I heard, touched my heart so much. No other movie made me think so much and cry so much. And in some way, now I feel like born again – happy and much stronger than I was.

I don’t care, if you believe in God,  do it a little bit or don’t believe in God at all – just watch this movie. It will change your way of thinking. It’s brilliant and I think, it could change many people minds to better. World won’t end as long as there will be religion in it.

You can find movie in the internet online but I downloaded through u-torrent. I downloaded movie file in here http://yts.re.prx2.unblocksit.es/movie/Gods_Not_Dead_2014_1080p and then opened it through u-torrent to download it.

Watch it and you won’t regret it. :)

So… I believe in God. But what about you? :)

xoxo, Porcelain Doll.

3 little, cute things that boyfriends don’t always remember.

Hey. ;) Back again, second post today and just because right now I have better idea for this post. So, this one is especially for boys but if you’re girl, just read and check, do you agree with this or not. :)

Let’s start this small list, guys & girls! :)

  • Sweet text messages. I don’t think that most of boys really realize it but we really do love sweet text messages. Text her when you wake up something like: “Good morning, sunshine :) Just woke up thinking about you. Have a great day. xx” and something like: “Going to bed now. Sweet dreams, kitten. xx” before going to bed. These are just examples but remember that girl love will love getting message from you because it shows that you’re thinking about her. :)

  • Teddy bears and all those cute toys. It’s not only about making day but showing your love. I don’t know what other girls think but personally I prefer cute toys more than some sweets or flowers. Because candies you eat, roses aren’t beautiful and fresh forever but cute toy bear or rabit or whatever you choose, will remind this girl of you long, long time. :)

  • Hugs. It’s not like boyfriends forget about hugs at all. But… than more of hugs than better. If she sad – hug her, if she’s mad or happy, do the same.


So yeah, for now that’s all and thas only my opinion. ;) Have a nice evening!

xoxo, Porcelain Doll.

List of things that make me happy <3

Hey. Sorry, people, for not being here such a long time. You have all rights to throw rocks at me because I’m guilty for not posting so long. ;) But here I am again and I don’t want my blog to go dead like it happened with other ones, especally because this one is much more successful. ;)

So here’s just simple things that make me happy. Nothing much but… I wanted to share. :)

  • rainy days

  • smell of cut grass
  • smell of coffee
  • sea

  • smell of new paper and ink on it
  • tea, coffee or cacao in bed

  • watching TV series in bed, for example “New girl”, “The finder” or “Castle”
  • drinking my favourite soda slowly


  • chat with my best friend
  • chat with my girlfriends
  • relaxing music
  • parties until the morning

  • riding a bike

  • painting my nails
  • warm shower
  • playing the piano
  • doodling
  • watching nice movies: Silver linings playbook, Plush, It’s kind of a funny story, 500 days of Summer…
  • cats. I love cats, ignoring the fact that I am alergic to them.

  • dancing. I’m a bad dancer (or at least I think I am) but that doesn’t stop me from dancing wil to music that I love.

  • writing poetry and stories or essays. The best way to express myself EVER.

  • going make-up shopping. (Every girl needs classic red lipstick, who gives you killer look!)

  • going clothes & shoes shopping. (Shopping is one of the best therapies for me ever.)
  • pizza! Not the healthiest thing ever but it’s one of the world’s tastiest foods, don’t you agree?

  • watching videos of famous youtubers like Jenna Marbles, SuperWoman and Motoki Maxtead.
  • blogging!
  • running!
  • working out

  • taking selfies

  • sleeping (everybody loves that, agree)

  • hosting web cam chat rooms on mylol.com
  • traveling
  • taking photos

  • trying new foods
  • eating sushi

  • laughing about silly jokes
  • dancing until the morning


That’s all for now. :) Have a nice day and I will really try to post something better next time. :)


xoxo, Porcelain Doll.

Few more words about writing inspiration and writing in general.

Hey, my dear followers and readers, I’m back again! :) Such a sunny day but I’m here again, writing something for you all to read and expressing myself. So today I’m gonna talk about writing inspiration and about writing in general, too.


Have you even had that feeling that you really like to write but you never really opened yourself for it? Maybe some of you know what I meant with this question. There is people in this world, who like to write, who has something to say but they just can’t suceed. They most of the time are out of inspiration and are having writer’s block. (Believe me, writer’s block is one of the scarriest thing for a writer. They just suck and they are like some kind of illness that you can’t get away from so fast.) They want to write and they like to write but… nothing just comes out. Feel me? So, already few days ago, I was one of those people. I knew that I love to write, I knew that I can do it very well and all that but I just… wasn’t completely opened for it. Maybe I wasn’t ready to work hard for it and was just lazy or maybe there’s some other reason that I don’t know. Whatever. For now it doesn’t matter.


The thing that matters now is that I finally set myself and my thoughts free. It hard to explain it but I’m gonna try whatever. So two days ago I woke up at 5 a.m. because of terrible stomatch pain. (Period, blah, haha. But it doesn’t mattter. :P ) So I just made some tea, drink pain-killers and turned on pc. Like always when I’m bored, I went to omegle and searched for someone interesting to chat with. After some time of trying I found one man, who’s interested in writing and he’s a writer. Probably he was one of the weirdest people you can meet online because he haven’t told me his age and other things about her. He just told his name (that I forgot) and location – it was in England, I think. Later he just started talking about new novel that he’s writing now. How he wrote first four chapters, then deleted them. Then wrote again it to be perfect. He wanted it to be mind blowing, the one that makes you cry and really think about what are you reading. All that time he was just writing about his novel and all I could do is read it. I thought that he’s weird and kinda crazy but things that he wrote made me think and I flew like to a different world. The world of writers, real writers that could seem to everyone else crazy but they’re just… obsessed with telling stories and creating. Writing to them is like air to every living creature. They can’t liv without it. After telling about his novel, he started writing about people. How he’s tired of people hurting him, how he wants to be alone, no one’s noticed, how he wants to enjoy the silence but people keep ruining it. And I just red all that and was fascinated and kinda like hypnotised. I thought that some parts of what he’s telling matches with my own thoughts. I hate to be in noisy place with loud and boring people around me. I love to be alone and sometimes I don’t want anyone to notice me but they keep ruining these moments.


Did you understand, what I was trying to tell you by telling about this writer, about what he told to me?I hope you did. It was very hard to explain and retell all this to you. I couldn’t keep not even a half of fascination that he had. After thinking all what he said, I just sat to my table and started to write. It was just the begging and nothing much but I did it with passion. And in the same day’s evening the idea of great story was finally born in my mind. It was unique, probably breath taking and it needed to be the one who makes you cry. This man somehow inspired me so much that I finally opened myself. Now I’m writing everyday because for now I just cannot stop. I have idea that needs to become to a story. :)

And one more question: Have you ever wrote something, then red in it and felt like you want to cry?I had that feeling at least once in my life. I expressed myself, put all my thoughts on a paper, then red all that… And I felt like crying because I felt that I did the best in that moment I could. That moment was probably first and only moment when I wanted to cry from happiness in my life. I always thought that being happy and crying is just silly but now I know how it feels. Right now, while writing this post, I almost started crying again. Only people, who love to writes as much as I do, can understand my feelings right now. :)


Also those two days ago I found free e-book that really can help everyone, who writes no matter how long he does it and how good he is at it. Just download and read it. It’s really helpful and I should tell big thanks to amazing author of this book. Does he even know how much he helped young writers and all those who just started? :)

Here’s the link: http://writetodone.com/wtd-books/

Download it, read it and I promise that you won’t regret it. :)

P.S. Here’s one of songs that inspires me while writing. :) This new band has amazing songs.


xoxo, your passionate writer Porcelain Doll.


The most popular mistakes people make when they want to start to work out and live healthy.

Hey, all my cool 90 followers and those who are reading this but for some reason still don’t follow me! :) So it’s 6:08 a.m. in here when I’m writing this and I just had two and a half hours of sleep tonight. My so much loved god Ringo was barking very loud and there was probably some more resons why I couldn’t sleep that I don’t even know. So I just decided to make a tea and write one more post for my blog, which, I gotta say, is very succesful cause I’ve never ever had 90 followers to my blog. Thanks to you all who follow me and like my posts. Means much to me. :) But enough about that, I’m here just to name few the most popular mistakes that people usually make when they want to go from totally unhealthy living style to healthy.


1. They start working out but… they start with two much. Imagine someone who’s very not fit, who probably has overweight and this person starts first day with 100 squats, 100 crunches, 2 minute wall squat and 50 mountain climbers, being sure that he can do it every day. Here’s where plan fails – you can’t start with very much if you’re not fit. Your motivation will dissapear then, your muscles will hurt like hell and you will just give up. How I know this one? Once I did the same.


2. They work out just fine but… they still eat too much junk food. Many people think that they can have great abs and everything else by eating all that they love and working out. No. It’s not like you need to put yourself on a diet but you need to skip all unhealthy things like burgers, chips, sodas… All junk food. Instead of that just eat fresh fruits and vegetables. I know, it sounds hard but that is really a key to eating healthy and having healthy lifestyle. So everytime when you want a burger or some sweets, better make a smoothie or something. Just don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to say that all you need is vegetables, fruits and nothing more. Still you need to eat meat and milk products and all that.


3. They workout enough but… they choose exercises that they hate. People always think that working out describes pain, sweat and something that you really hate. That’s what I thought before I started for real, too. But it’s completely not like that. You need to choose exercises that you like so it would be easier and more interesting to work out. Also, choosing exercises that you’ll like, you won’t give up that soon because of no motivation left.


4. They eat well, they workout but… they want to see results already after few days or week. Remember that Rome wasn’t built in one day? Don’t wait for instant results, it just won’t happen. You won’t have your dream shape after week or month. It’s not some crazy diet plan that helps you to loose weight for two months. This is project for life so be patient and keep working on it. One day you will see results just like I did.

Here’s some more motivation…

motivate4 motivate5






So I goues that’s all for now. I’ve made all of these mistakes in past but now I’m smarter and I don’t do that anymore. :) I hope this was helpful and motivational for all of you.


xoxo, Porcelain Doll.

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A Slave to Muse and Music.

Guitars 101 - Your Guitar Bible

Guitars 101 - Guitar Deals, Tips about buying guitars. How to Learn to Play the Guitar


Life from the eyes of a freshman in college

Girl on the Move

a blog by Meral Kathwari

The Sentiments Of Nothing.

I think it, feel it, write it.


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