This day’s update + some thoughts of workouts :)

Hey. I feel like I haven’t been writing here for ages, huh. Writing in this blog kinda becomes addiction to me. I’ve never had a blog, who would have so many followers and who actually someone would read so yeah… Big thanks to you all 75 followers. :) Only 25 more and I swear, I will celebrate it! :D Oh, yeah, just remembered that I wanted write this days update and something about workouts, huh. ;)

So yeah… Today I was sleeping ’til 2 p.m. because… yep, nothing to hide, stupid period and, of course, weekend laziness. If someone tries to wake me up earlier than 11 a.m. in weekend, I will kill him. :P Because five days in a row I’ve been waking up at 7:30 and going to school, to spend about 6 stressful hours and usually having a very bad headache, so can you please let me sleep and enjoy the weekend? No. If mum’s home than I 100% can. If only dad’s home, I can hope. Two days I’m half relaxing and trying to made some energy for next 5 stressful days. Feel me?

And yeah, about school headache… That’s pretty weird, huh. When I’m at home, I usually feel great, I can run, scream and I feel like I could move mountains, haha. But then comes school days. I wake up and feel good. I go to school. After one ’til three lessons my headache finally “wakes up” and isn’t leaving ’til evening or bed time. And I hate it. When I’m at home, I feel amazing but when I’m at school, I’m literally close to death. Really. :|

Okay, back to this day’s update. I’ve been drawing again and finally succesful. I was having an art chrisis in my life for months and finally I feel like back to real me and that makes me very, very happy. :)

And here we are – I bet you waited for this for ages but now I’m finally talking about workouts. :P :D So yeah, summer is comming, prom is comming and I’m trying to workout more and more. 150 crunches isn’t a joke. ;) And that’s of course only part of my whole “training program”. I actually never believed that I can get in good shape training in home. I was wrong. I’m looking better and better. :) Biggest happiness is about fact that I’m finally starting to have an ass. :D Squats is something wonderful. Of course, I couldn’t see results quickly but now I’m squatting more and more and it works. :) My legs are getting in shape, too and I’m really feeling like I’m not gonna be ashamed wearing short dresses, skirts and shorts. :) What a happiness. :)

Really, think about it – what feels better? Eating snacks and fast food, that makes you happy for 15 minutes or so, or having great, fit body for your whole life? I’m just getting addicted to looks that I can have from people (not only guys but girls, too!)  when I am in good shape. :) It’s sooooo good to feel sexy. I really don’t regret that I started it and I’m thankful to myself that I started this in 2013′s June. :)

And here’s last thing – I want to share my this moment’s workout playlist. :) Maybe you will find some songs good for your own playlist, too. :)



xoxo, Porcelain Doll.


Hey. Just a question: how many of you, guys, know Karmin? If you’ll say that you’ve never heard of them, I’ll be shocked. They’re totally best duet of man and woman I’ve ever heard and best duet at all, too. They will rock your playlist so hard, haha. :P ;)

And yeah, just because this year their new album “Pulses” is out and it’s freaking amazing, I’m writing about them in here. They actually don’t sound like most of musicans you can hear in nowadays. Amy is mostly singing most of the vocals and sometimes playing guitar or something and Nick is always there, drumming, playing piano or singing something, too.

What I like about new “Pulses” album:

  • We can hear more of Nick’s voice in it.
  • It’s even more unusual than their songs before was. Totally orginal.
  • In “Acapella” mostly are used vocals and claps and all that. You get me. Not that much instrumental.
  • “Acapella” was inspired by movie “Pitch perfect”. And of course, I love that movie, too.
  • Lyrics of songs are mostly (or maybe 100% ?) about love and all that stuff. Love it. And they’re not stupid and sweet like most of songs about love are, they’re really truthful.

So, if you haven’t heard Karmin and especially their new album “Pulses”, put it on you “Need to listen ASAP” list, haha. :D I promise, you won’t regret listening some good music. :)

Some live performances:

And new “Pulses” music video <3



And for those, who say that Amy doesn’t look that hot as blonde, as she looked as brunette – screw you.  :P :D


xoxo, Porcelain Doll.

You should know…

Hey, I’m very busy but whatever I found a time right now to write here. :) So here’s my second poem in english (first you can see somewhere in this blog earlier).

Just before you read it, you should know that I’m not gonna relize all that what’s written in it in life. I’m not evil and not a killer. :D It just… rhymes and for me it seems pretty nice. So yeah, check it out! :)

You should know, I can kill,

You should know that I will.

I have no pity for you

Like you hadn’t for me, too.

I will get so close,

Much closer than most.

I will break your heart

And tear you apart.

I can get no rest,

Knowing that you’re still the best.

For my happiness the only way

Is to take you away.

I promise to do that soon,

As soon will tise the moon.

You’ll pay for what you’ve done

Cause ruining my life, it ain’t that fun.

Yeah, yeah, I know it sounds messy and all that but I’m just an amateur in all that poetry thing and I write poems very rarely so don’t be too harsh. ;)

Hope you are having a good evening / day / morning or whatever. Now it’s evening here but you, followers, are in different places of world.. ;)

xoxo, Porcelain Doll.

Definition and thoughts of real musicans.

Hey. ;) Fells like I haven’t write a thing in here for ages. So here I am, back again. :)

Haven’t you ever realized that in this world are tons of popular musicans but many of them just suck? They make big shows, wear chic clothes and wear tons of make up. But when it comes to music… it just sucks. You’ve never heard worst and more meaningless lyrics than you hear listening to those “big” stars, who everyone loves. They can’t even sing clearly. How the hell did they became popular? Yep, that’s all about showbussiness. ;)  So.. let’s think. Who could be those popular but non-tallented musicans? Okay, we could name LMFAO,  Justin Bieber… :O

Does these lyrics even make sense to you? Music should be written more about pain, sadness, happiness, friendship.. Not just about sex, parties, money… -_-

Oh no no, oh no no
She’s confident
Oh no no, oh no no
And I’m down with it

/Justin Bieber – Confidient/
And look at the picture – does real musican would do it something like that? Of course, the answer is no.
I don’t give a fuck when I’m in the club, sippin bub, really drunk, and I see a fat booty
Gotta have it I’ma grab it, it’s a habit automatic like uzi, who’s he with the sick flow
Make a chick go crazy and flash them ta-ta’s it’s redfoo the dude a true party rockaaaah…
/LMFAO – Sorry for party rocking/
Just think about it. Most of people love lyrics like this and all that but… this music actually sucks. It’s made for making money and that’s all. I’m just trying to tell that people should support more real musicans and less trash-musicans. Get me? ;)
Now you probably feel like asking me: “Then what is a real musican then? How can I know that it’s really good music not some track, made for earning money?”
I can’t explain that very concrete. You mostly feel it with your heart. And, of course, lyrics makes sense, what musican is singing about, melody and rhythm isn’t mechanic and boring and musican expresses his/her emotions not only in grimaces and moves but in music, too. When musican really feels music, you can feel it as well. Understand me? :)
I can give Lorde as an example what real musican is. See how she feels her music? <3 :)


Yeah, many people think that she’s weird but I say that she’s very, very tallented. Somehow I see myself in her. She’s young musican and tallented and she feel music like most of people never will. <3


Sorry, Beliebers, Justin lost his unqueness and tallent long time ago. So yeah, what can I say? Just think about what you listen. Your head and mind isn’t a trash can so don’t put shit in it. ;)


xoxo, Porcelain Doll.

I am… a writer?

I don’t know when I start thinking that it could be cool to be a writer. Probably when I was nine years old or so. I thought that it’s amazing that you can share your thoughts and fantasies, and everything else you want to say with people. And people who write are happy because they can express themselves and readers are happy because they can read it. :)

I was probably about 11 years old when I started to write something because I wanted to, not just because I needed something to write for school. Actually, I was always very well at essay writing. I never had problems with it and I never got grades lower than 7.  I got 9 or 10 mostly. When I was little, I didn’t like to write at all. I always thought that topics what about we needed to write about at school were pretty dope and dry. I couldn’t tell what I had inside with these topics. But whatever, I needed to write so I did.  ;)

And then was this “click” when I found some sites and forums or something where teens shared their writing. I started to read… In that moment I thought that their stories aren’t very good (most of them) but I still continued to read them and read what people were saying about these stories. People loved them. And then I thought… how about if I try to write something? It couldn’t be that hard or at least not impossible, right? I started to publish my writings. ;) Of course few years later when I red them, I thought that they totally sucked and were pretty dumb and childish but in that moment people even liked my stories. :o They said that I was good at writing. :o :)

No matter what, I still continued writing for my joy and when we had essays at school, I was happy. I liked to write more and more. And then I found a site in the internet., that’s how it was called. I discovered whole big world where everyone who wanted, could write their own poetry, dramas, romantic stories and whatever they wanted. They also could read, vote and comment on other’s stories! I was obsessed with this site. When I first created my profile there, I had only few reads on my stories and almost no votes, and no followers at all. I was zero in there. I gave up and deleted my profile. Later I created new and started again. I started to follow people, read, vote, comment on their stories and write more by myself. And now I have 2,299 reads and 50 votes on my first story “Little bad girl”. It wasn’t the best of my works and I had writers block many times but somehow I finished it. I’m not gonna give up and I’m still trying to write better and better. :)

Yesterday I had new idea. Few days ago I sent an essay to some contest. There was topic about addictions – alcochol, smoking and all that. I don’t think I have chances to win something but I don’t care. Whatever, it’s only my first time that I sent something to a contest. I never thought that I should participate in them. But now I changed my mind. I wanted to be a writer but what I did to be known to people? No a lot. I will participate in more contests and not gonna give up.:)

I’m creative and I love to express myself.  Now I have that period when my head, my brain is giving a birth to more and more new ideas, haha. :D I can’t even write down all of them but I’m happy that I have them. I’m thankful for my creative mind. I love to share my opinion with people. That’s why I’m here, blogging and sharing my thoughts with you. :) You can’t even imagine how much it means to me that you want to read what I wrote and that you like it. I love you all. <3 ;)

And just think about these things:

  • What writing means to you?
  • What you did to get more known and succesfull?
  • Have you ever gave up on writing?

And now you, yes you, go and write something even if it sucks, like picture says. :) :P If you won’t do anything to be a writer, you will never be one.

P.S. Find me on wattpad -  porcelain_black_doll

xoxo, Porcelain Doll.


My Warrior Women list

Hey. ;) I’m back again, not caring that I don’t recieve that much likes as before, and I decided to create My Warrior Women list. You probably wonder, what is it, right? It’s list with the most inspiring women from whole world, including singers, models and actresses probably, too. ;) Most of them were bullied but they survived it and just moved on. I’m not picking who’s better and who’s not that good, no. ;) This list is kinda mixed and I can’t pick the best one and second best one so I’m gonna just start with first that I’ve can think about. ;)


Of course, we all now her. How we could forget or never hear about this woman? She is actually the reason why I created this list at all and why I decided this list call Warrior Women list because, you know, her last album is called “Warrior”.

So yeah, she’s the one of Warrior Woman cause she was raised without knowing who is her father. Also she didn’t fit in high school where she was callled “bible belt” (What does that mean? I still can’t fully understand.) explaining that her unconventional dress sense including homemade purple velvet pants and purple hair did not endear her to other students. But look at her now, who she is now! Amazing, strong and tallented woman who has bright career, very big fanbase and who always says to us that it’s okay to be you, to be different and stand out. :)

Sorry, I just couldn’t stop myself from putting more gifs of her in here cause right nw she’s my biggest idol and I can’t explain how much I love her. <3 :) And of course, I love how she says that being normal is boring. :)

Demi Lovato.

Why her, you may ask. I’ll tell you why. Mostly because she had problems with cutting and self-harm when she was younger. I had, too (only just a little more than 3 months ago). She stopped it because she was strong and I did, too. And she was bullied, just like I am. Look at her now – she’s gorgeous and strong woman who supports and loves her fans very, very much. :) And of course, I’m Lovatic, too. If I wouldn’t be, I wouldn’t write about her. ;)

Lady GaGa.

How can we forget one of biggest and most popular women in 21st century pop music? She was bullied in school, too because she dressed provocative, she is half Italian and because of many other things. But look at her now, she’s totally giving haters finger and having enourmous fanbase who will be with her always. Why I like her? She created Born This Way foundation (anti-bullying foundation), she says that everyone is beautiful no matter what, that we should love ourselves for who we are and she supports gay rights. As a part of Little Monsters fanbase, I can say that it’s one of the best fanbases ever. If you are part of it, there always will be people who will support you and try to make you feel better, no matter where in the world in you are, no matter you’re skin colour, sexual orientation or anything else. Little Monsters are the most supportive fanbase that I’ve ever been in and that’s why I love Lady GaGa and Monsters. :) Paws up!

Tyra Banks.

Who doesn’t like “America’s next top model”? Tyra Banks was kind of “ugly duckling” when she was in school and was called “lighbulb head” but look at her later and now! She is amazing. In very many ways she shows how Woman with capital “W” can look. Just watch “America’s next top-model” and you’ll know what I am talking about and  why I love her. ;)

Sometimes she acts there like a total bitch but that’s all because she’s good at what she’s doing and she wants to show and teach girls how real model should act, walk and all that stuff. ;)

Whitney Thompson.

Okay, probably you’ve never hear of her but she’s a model, winner of cycle 10 of “America’s next top model”. Why she is a warrior woman? Because I can imagine how hard it was for her to be good in that show where all other girls were much skinnier than she was. She is a big proportion model. But you know what? She won! And that’s why I adore her. Not only because she won but because she did her best and was first big proportion model who won. :)


Megan Fox.

One of my biggest celeb crushes ever. She is so fab. In high school she was called ugly and was bullied. She survived it and look at her now. She is now one of hottest womans on Earth (She, who was called ugly!) and amazing actress. I adore so, so, so much cause in my opinion, she is totally hottest woman on Earth.


Jennifer Lawrence.

Another past bullying victim who became amazingly tallented and beautiful actress right now. She changed schools in elementary school a lot because some girls were very mean to her.


Okay, for now that’s probably all. ;) Hope you liked it. ;) If you agree that at least one of these women is a Warrior, like this post. :)


xoxo, Porcelain Doll.





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